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SMB Cloud Adoption: What You Should Know

New data from analyst firm Techaisle uncovers the top 10 SMB IT challenges and priorities. Channel pros, take note.

By Cecilia Galvin

In the recent survey report SMB Cloud Adoption Trends by Techaisle LLC, the SMB market analyst firm reported that the top 10 business goals identified by SMBs align well with cloud attributes or applications. “For example,” says Anurag Agrawal, CEO of Techaisle, “cloud is seen as a way of delivering improved automation to a very wide range of functions within IT and across the business as a whole; these solutions improve processes, which in turn will improve production and support of products.”

According to Agrawal, similar observations can be made regarding SMB technology challenges, chief among them are budget constraints, followed by mobile security and excessive data growth. “Relative to the cost of conventional hardware and software, cloud is generally very cost effective, and its OpEx-based billing model works well for cash-constrained SMBs,” he says.

Cloud is also viewed as the best platform for supporting mobility, he explains. SMB buyers expect cloud providers to deliver some native security features, and SMBs are prepared to invest to extend those capabilities. With regard to data growth, storage is currently the cloud capability that is most widely used by SMBs, according to the survey data.

Survey respondents were also asked about their IT priorities. Says Agrawal: “The potential of cloud to … [expand] business success and [address] business challenges is certainly not lost on the SMB community.” And it shouldn’t be lost on channel pros either.


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