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Sifting Through Security Solutions

Options for safeguarding clients have never been more numerous. Here’s how to decide which ones your clients need. By Rich Freeman
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SECURITY solutions come in greater volumes and varieties today than ever before.
PRIORITIZING risks and needs is essential to determining which solutions any given client should use.
A COMPLETE “defense in depth” strategy must include a mix of protection, detection, and response technologies, as well as end-us
CONSULT with peers and perform thorough internal and external testing when deciding which vendor has the best offering.

ERIC SCHLISSEL REMEMBERS the good old days when security was a cut-and-dried topic. Bad guys mostly used infected attachments and unguarded network ports to compromise victims, recalls Schlissel, president and CEO of GeekTek, a provider of managed IT and security services in Los Angeles. Good guys mostly used anti-virus software and firewalls to block those attacks.

Oh, how times have changed. For one thing, the threat landscape has grown both more complex and more lethal. Indeed, Milpitas, Calif.-based security vendor SonicWall Inc., which recorded 9.32 billion malware attacks in 2017, identifies 500 new variants every day.

For another, the mushrooming volume of solutions for defeating all that malware, many of which employ new and unfamiliar techniques, has made picking the right systems in the right product categories a much stiffer challenge.

“It’s far more complex than it used to be,” says Schlissel of the security market. “We end up with all of these different options and it just gets dizzying.”

Peter Gregory feels Schlissel’s pain. “There are something like 1,800 security product vendors out there today,” says Gregory, a senior security consultant at Denver-based solution provider Optiv Security Inc. “It’s harder and harder for business buyers to understand what’s real, what’s not, [and] what’s appropriate for the organization.”

It’s not much easier for VARs and MSPs, either. Experts, however, say you can make selecting the ideal mix of security technologies for your clients a little easier by following a few basic principles.

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