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Should You Upgrade Or Buy A New System?

By Elric Phares

Do I buy new or just upgrade? Many People have come to the crossroads of making a decision of whether to just junk their old computer and buy a new one, or just upgrade the old one and keep plugging away.

The first thing you need to do is actualize what your true needs are, and then decide if those needs are being realized in the system you currently have. Things like upgrading your memory and hard drive space are the most common things one would do in an upgrade. If your system is working okay but you feel you would like it to be a bit faster or just need some additional storage, this is probably the route you should take. The end user usually easily does these types of upgrades if they are even a bit comfortable with the innards of their PC. If you are not tech savvy in any way you should have your memory changed out by a professional in order to avoid problems. Also when was the last time you did any system maintenance, when I say this I mean a few things, which I will cover in the next section of this article, but a few quick things can improve system performance quite a bit. The bottom line if its not broke don’t fix it and new systems cost more money than a mere upgrade in any case.

If the PC you currently have is too slow to handle your daily needs and/or the programs you want to run cannot be handled by your current PC or its Operating System (Windows XP/Vista) then buying a new PC is probably in the cards for you. Although increasing your memory and disc space is a quick fix for many users some computers are just plainly outdated and need to be replaced. The benefits to buying a new system are many and when you take this action route as it opens doors to faster work progress and less stress dealing with the waiting of an older PC to do its tasks without the system going into sluggish mode. If you only check your email and use office you really don’t need a powerful PC as gaming and artistic tasks are what gobble up system recourses not just browsing the web and simple tasks like email and word.  When buying a new PC the golden rule for pricing is right down the middle. What this means is that the latest technology carries a heavy price tag and may actually be more than you need. If you are planning on working in Photoshop or doing any rendering or AutoCAD, these programs are very system intensive and buying the latest technology in these cases is usually the best scenario. However if you are just tired of your more than 3 year old system and it works okay but you wish it was better, you can purchase a new PC that is based off last years technology for a great deal. This will allow you the luxury of a decent new system, but with a substantial cost decrease.

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