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Reliable and Durable: Providing Professionals with Motherboards to Get the Job Done

Sponsored Vendor Spotlight: For resellers looking to provide professionals with reliable and durable systems or powerful desktop computing, GIGABYTE introduces the X150 Series Motherboards--technology that can support the most demanding computing requirements. By ChannelPro and Gigabyte

Professionals who edit photos, create videos, conduct scientific research, perform data analysis, and design products all have one thing in common—the need for powerful desktop computing. For resellers looking to provide these professionals with reliable and durable systems, GIGABYTE introduces the X150 Series Motherboards—technology that can support the most demanding computing requirements.

There are three models of the X150 Series: the X150-PLUS WS, the X150M-PLUS WS and the X150-PRO ECC. GIGABYTE's high-end desktop (HEDT) motherboards that feature the X150 Series support both 6th generation Intel® core processors and Intel® Xeon® CPUs under the C232 chipset, enabling resellers to provide the following benefits to customers:

  • More cores/more performance: Since Xeon CPUs typically have more cores than consumer-grade CPUs, the X150 Series allows for more multitasking as well as high processing computing.
  • Error-correcting code (ECC) RAM support: HEDT motherboards usually use ECC memory—a type of RAM that can detect and fix errors that occur normally when running a program. This auto-correct ability ensures precision when performing critical analyses.
  • Bigger L3 cache: Since most Xeon processors have 15MB to 30MB of L3 cache depending on the model, the X150 Series can rely on that additional cache to speed up select applications—performance above and beyond consumer-grade desktops built with the Core i7 processor.

Intel iconsThe technical advances of the X150 Series translate into advantages for the channel as well. By delivering high-workload performance reliably and for the long term, the X150 Series Motherboards are serious workhorses for professionals. "Channel partners can sensibly prolong the longevity of hardware for their clients," Szeto says. The X150 Series performs as advertised, and consequently delivers significant value for both channel partners and their clients. In addition, the X150-supported HEDT motherboards provide a stable platform for professional-grade Nvidia® Quadro® graphics cards, server-grade Intel Xeon CPUs, and ECC-ready RAM, eliminating the need for superfluous onboard graphics cards. Thus, the X150 Series Motherboards provide ideal value without compromising performance.

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