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CompTIA and its Healthcare IT Community offers channel pros training and resources to overcome the legal and technological hurdles involved with entering the healthcare vertical. By Admin

Before a solution provider jumps into this technology space, it’s important for them to realize that the solutions required by doctors’ offices and other medical facilities are often times more complex than they appear on the surface.

Their needs go far beyond the addition of medical equipment to the network infrastructure. A solution provider must understand the data flow of a medical practice; it starts with the patient’s first appointment and updating their medical insurance information.

Before implementing technology solutions, you need to understand the other processes, such as the actual doctor visit, getting tests or x-rays, researching and writing the proper medication prescriptions, and scheduling any follow up visits.

Other office procedures include traditional insurance processing, determining the patient’s co-payment and Medicaid restrictions, and considering other compliance issues, such as HiPPA.

What appears on the surface to be another office technology implementation can become quite complex. When you add in the layers of regulatory oversight and the ever tightening data privacy/security laws, becoming a healthcare technology provider may seem like a complicated task. One false move and it could be costly for your customers and your own business.

Healthcare solution providers have to be diligent in the prevention of a data breach, billing system issues or even a damaging detour of critical patient information when it matters most. Failure in these processes can truly end in tragedy for the solution provider, medical offices, and patients--and not just from a financial perspective.

With the right tools and best practices, however, the process of building a healthcare IT practice can be simplified and ensure a faster course to profitability.

CompTIA provides several avenues for solution providers to gain the knowledge, skills, and proficiencies required to be successful in this market. It has also built a collaborative community specifically to address the ever-changing needs of healthcare IT.

You can join in the discussion as the CompTIA Healthcare IT Community develops training materials, guidelines for credentials and possibly certifications. Or you can just enjoy the materials they created as a CompTIA member. Either way, you can build the best practice possible without a major investment.

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This article is sponsored by CompTIA
This article was sponsored by CompTIA.

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