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PROFILE: The Marketing Choice of Marketing Pros

How a marketing services provider for MSPs turned to MSPtv as a means of reaching out to SMB clients. By ChannelPro

How a marketing services provider for MSPs turned to MSPtv as a means of reaching out to SMB clients.

By Kevin Brown

Marketing as a service is what Kutenda is all about. Our CEO, Mike Cooch, is a former managed service provider who grew his practice from nothing to $6 million of annual recurring revenue in just five years, largely by making sales and marketing his top priority. Along the way he discovered how time-consuming and expensive marketing can be, so he created Kutenda to give MSPs an easier and more affordable way to grow their business.

Kevin Brown, Kutenda LLC

Just because we’re marketing experts, though, doesn’t mean we don’t face the same marketing challenges as everyone else. That includes continually attracting great new sales prospects. The truth is there are surprisingly few options out there for reaching the managed services community.

We focused on trade shows in our early days, but it just didn’t prove to be cost-effective. We wound up spending a lot of money and energy to generate relatively few leads. Then we discovered MSPtv.

Zenith Infotech had been a partner of ours since early on in our business, so when they invited us to appear in one of their webinars we were happy to accept.  What followed was an experience so positive that it turned me into a huge fan of webinars in general, and MSPtv webinars in particular.

For one thing, trade shows demand a bigger investment of time and money than many managed service providers are willing to make these days. MSPtv webinars, by contrast, cost nothing to attend and don’t require travel, so they’re far more appealing to our target audience.

The upshot is that MSPtv gives us access to a large group of potential clients, all of whom are hungry for advice on bettering their business. And since viewers have to register in advance, I know that everyone I’m speaking to has a genuine interest in my subject matter, which means my leads are always pre-qualified.

What’s more, participating in an MSPtv webinar is more affordable than buying exhibition space at a trade show, shipping out booth materials, and flying in floor staff. In fact, there’s hardly any expense at all.

Plus, a trade show is a one-time event, while MSPtv makes archived recordings of its webinars available on demand, so our broadcasts continue producing leads for us long after they air live. Also, unlike most webinars, MSPtv events feature live streaming video. That helps me enjoy the same face time with potential customers over the Internet that I get at trade shows.

Furthermore, doing webinars with a vendor sometimes puts us in the uncomfortable position of appearing to favor one company over another. But since MSPtv’s mission is educational, we can participate in their broadcasts without alienating any of our partners.

But what’s really turned me into an MSPtv believer are the results their events deliver. Every show I participate in draws as many as 500 viewers. And there’s plenty of follow-up afterward too. In fact, I usually get so many questions and requests from attendees after MSPtv webinars that I’m sometimes half-tempted to leave my e-mail address out of the slide deck!

All told, Kutenda has collected nearly 2,000 high-quality leads through MSPtv webinars to date, and we’ve only done half a dozen shows. I’ve even had people sign up to be a Kutenda customer right in the middle of a broadcast.

Stories like that help explain why we’re cutting way back on trade shows and making webinars our primary marketing tactic. There’s just no other way to produce so much response so affordably.

Of course, if you really want to get maximum value from an MSPtv webinar, it helps to follow a few best practices. First, spend most of your air time sharing useful information and advice rather than promoting your products. I always save my sales pitch until the end of my presentation, and clearly label it for what it is. As the saying goes, givers gain, and I doubt I’d get nearly as much customer contact after my webinars if I focused on selling rather than teaching.

Also, take the time to polish your slide deck and practice your delivery. Regular viewers of MSPtv events have learned to hold speakers to high standards. I know, because I’m a regular viewer myself. In addition to supplying large numbers of sales leads, MSPtv has proven to be one of my most reliable sources of honest, actionable business insights.

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KEVIN BROWN is vice president of Broomfield, Colo.-based Kutenda LLC

 This article was sponsored by Zenith Infotech.


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