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Partnering to Protect Clients from Cyberattacks

Managed IT provider Rouse Consulting Group chose SOCSoter as its managed security partner to offer SMB customers an enterprise-grade SOC/SIEM solution at an affordable price. By ChannelPro and SOCSoter

Finding a partner that fits your business model and strategy is key to a successful relationship, and SOCSoter fit that bill for Rouse Consulting Group, Inc. when it was searching for an advanced cybersecurity solution for its small and medium-size customers.

"Our philosophy has been to smartly use certain types of external resources," explains RCG’s Dr. Paul D. Rouse, president of the Moline, Ill.-based managed IT services provider, which has clients in 24 states. "We know our core competency and things we can staff." And while RCG was offering its clients certain security services, he says the lack of a security operations center (SOC) and a security information and event management (SIEM) type solution "was a hole in our process." That, he says, translated to a business risk for both RCG and its clients.

Cybersecurity professionals are in high demand and difficult to find and retain, particularly for a company like RCG that is not in a major metropolitan area, Rouse says. "While we’re not beginners in security, we also don’t have the skill set that rises to what SOCSoter can provide. Leveraging their skill set fits with our business philosophy."

SOCSoter, based in Hagerstown, Md., is a managed security services provider (MSSP) built by industry experts who have developed proprietary technology to offer SMBs cyberprotection at affordable prices. Its offerings include:

  • Cyberdefense: This intrusion detection service analyzes all the traffic inside your network looking for indicators of compromise, vulnerabilities, malicious behavior, insider threats, and other abnormalities.
  • Advanced Threat Detection: This service is an additional layer of protection that utilizes different threat feed sources that allow SOCSoter to monitor network traffic and detect malicious behavior.
  • Compliance: This service helps organizations meet and maintain industry, federal, and state compliance requirements by collecting and reporting on logs to satisfy auditors.
  • Vulnerability Monitoring: This service performs an external or internal scan of your networks and devices. The scan produces reports that are configured, authenticated, and validated by our certified cybersecurity experts.
  • Professional Services: Expert services include penetration testing, compliance audits, cybersecurity consulting, forensics, incident response, third-party communications, security assessments, and creation/revision of security policies.

Cutting Through the 'Noise'

After evaluating SOCSoter, Rouse says there were several features that drove the partnering decision. For one, unlike many SIEM solutions, which Rouse says can be "extremely noisy"—providing continuous notifications on events both malicious and benign—SOCSoter reduces that noise by only sending notifications on issues that require a response.

"They’re telling us what we really need to do," Rouse says. "They’re also doing a lot of the legwork, describing not just the problem but suggestions on remediation. That’s been very valuable for us." Other products produce so much information that it becomes unmanageable, he says. "We couldn’t make money from something like that because we would need teams of people digesting what the security people told us."

Rouse says SOCSoter’s pricing model also fits well with RCG’s model, and is appropriate for RCG’s clients, which range from firms with 30 employees up to 400. In addition, SOCSoter’s security credentials are a key selling point with RCG’s customers.

This has helped RCG with what Rouse calls "hunting and farming." Rouse says RCG has been prepping current customers through regular technology reviews that they needed to get SOC and SIEM on their radar. Now RCG is aggressively offering 30-day SOCSoter trials, and so far no customer has opted out after the trial.

In terms of net-new customers, the ability to provide a complete security offering was a differentiating factor for one banking client in particular, he says. "It helped push them over the finish line and we got the business."

Finally, because SOCSoter is not a behemoth like some enterprise SIEM providers, Rouse says it is receptive to partner feedback and has already put some of RCG’s suggestions on its roadmap. For RCG, that makes SOCSoter both the right partner and the "right-sized" partner.

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