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Partner Profile: Adaptec and EchoStreams Innovative Solutions

The Company
EchoStreams is a 3-year-old startup OEM/ODM solutions provider based in City of Industry, Calif. The company focuses on providing fully validated purpose-built storage and server technologies for customers in fast growing markets including cloud/datacenter, video production, telecommunications and enterprise storage. Currently, EchoStreams has approximately 35 employees and has recently emerged from stealth mode to offer commercialized storage and high-performance computing (HPC) products.

The Challenge
With a focus on customers requiring high-performing systems, EchoStreams needed to build its storage and server products with technology that could support the most demanding needs. Yet at the same time, the company sought to minimize risk and take advantage of economies of scale—two imperatives that could be achieved by using conventional off-the-shelf components to build its products. "To provide products with high-density storage we needed many drives," says Andy Lee director of product marketing at EchoStreams. "To have 48 SSDs in a 2U rack—the highest density—we needed a controller to support it."

The Solution

About a year and a half ago, EchoStreams began working with controllers from Adaptec by PMC, a provider of storage solutions based in Sunnyvale, Calif. "We received samples of the Series 7 RAID adapters and collaborated with Adaptec to get maximum performance." The Adaptec Series 7 is PCIe Gen3 6Gb/s RAID adapters that offer an industry first 16 ports in a LP/MD2 form factor. "We needed those 16 ports," Lee recalls. Now EchoStream's storage technology can deliver performance of 22 gigabits per second with 48 SSDs. "Without using Adaptec, we would only get 18 gigabits per second," Lee says.

The Results
Those extra 4 gigabits per second make a big difference for EchoStreams' customers and help the company differentiate its storage and server offerings. "One of our biggest verticals is media post production," Lee says. "With high resolution video, high bandwidth is required. Our products enable more editors to simultaneously access storage, which streamlines the editing process and saves money."

Another area of focus is HPC, and the Adaptec Series 7 RAID adapters are helping EchoStreams stand out among its competitors. Recently, the company teamed up with Caltech and Vanderbilt University on a proof-of concept HPC project (using EchoStreams FlacheSAN-2™ product with 4 Adaptec Series 7 RAID controllers) that resulted in performance of 1 Terabit over 300 meters—tripling the performance compared to a 2012 HPC project while at the same time reducing power consumption and space density significantly. Such a performance benchmark puts EchoStreams in a great position "to expand our market to high speed supercomputing," Lee says.

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As a partner, Adaptec by PMC has demonstrated superb technical support, marketing assistance and engineering knowledge, Lee says. "When new products are introduced, we get support from Adaptec right away," he adds.

In addition to the support, EchoStreams continues to get samples of new Adaptec by PMC products that the company is using to develop new products of its own. Currently, EchoStreams is collaborating with Adaptec by PMC with Series 8 12Gb/s SAS RAID adapters designed for high-performance server and networked storage. "We are doing test/performance now," says Lee who anticipates that the Series 8 will be implemented in EchoStreams' products soon. "With a 12 gig SAS controller, we can increase performance," Lee says, and do so at a competitive price - a combination that will enable EchoStreams to expand its market even more.

For more information about Adaptec by PMC products and partner programs, visit the Adaptec website.

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