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Let’s Talk Social Media and MSPs

Facebook, Instagram, and Google are powerful tools for turning sales prospects into high-revenue clients. By Chris Wiser

IN MY FACEBOOK GROUP for channel professionals there’s a lot of discussion about the effectiveness of various social media platforms as marketing tools. Should I advertise on Facebook? What about Instagram? Should I focus on Google search engine optimization (SEO) or use AdWords too?

The answer is yes. You should have a presence on all of these platforms. With respect to Google specifically, both SEO and AdWords are a must. When people want something today, they usually go to Google to find it, so you need a rock-solid Google SEO strategy, complete with a method for collecting and optimizing 5-star reviews. A rock-solid Google AdWords strategy, with a defined budget and specific goals, is equally important.

Include optimized landing pages in your search engine plans as well, so people who see you on Google can easily find a number to call—and make sure a real person answers the phone. The fastest way to lose a prospect is to send them to “voice jail” or a looping phone system. My own ads always include a company-owned number that one of our team members answers no matter what.

Now let’s turn to Facebook. Unlike Google, which is an active search technology, Facebook and Instagram are passive services. People who use them typically aren’t looking for solutions, but that doesn’t mean they’re not potential buyers. You just need to move them through a funnel that will eventually lead to a purchase or other action. That process takes a lot more planning, time, and effort.

Experiment and Build

Here’s a concrete example of a campaign to try. Start by doing Facebook Live sessions each week to gain followers. Then move up to recorded webinars highlighting customer success stories. Keep the content educational, but invite viewers to schedule a business strategy session with you at the end. If you’ve done your job, many of them will pay for an on-site assessment and eventually become high-revenue clients.

Sound like a lot of hard work and headaches? It’s worth it once you realize how perfect social media platforms are for establishing yourself with potential buyers as a thought leader. Facebook and Instagram videos are proven, effective options for positioning yourself as the kind of expert people want to do business with, which can turn cold prospects into paying clients.

An Easier Conversation

Here’s one last suggestion to consider: selling digital marketing services to your customers. Sure, it’s not a technology offering, but IT providers do a lot of things for their clients that aren’t “hardcore IT” these days. Besides, most MSPs practically have to sell their souls to convince customers that preventive maintenance is worth paying for. Offering to bring more customers through the door is a much easier conversation that can lead to strategic discussions with your clients about growing their business.

Digital marketing services open that door, and once you’ve earned the client’s trust you can lock down all of their IT needs as well.

This is obviously a pretty simplified discussion of a complex topic, but I’m hoping by now you can see how big an impact Google, Facebook, Instagram, and digital marketing services can have on your business. If you have further questions, look me up on Facebook and let’s chat!

CHRIS WISER is the founder and CEO of The Wiser Agency, a digital marketing and sales agency based in Austin, Texas, focused on helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses through online marketing, advertising, and sales training. Wiser has over 20 years of technology industry experience. He is also the author of The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Stress Free Network Support and The Tech Multiplier: The World’s Leading Technology Consultants Reveal In-Depth Case Studies of How the Smartest Businesses in the World Are Leveraging Technology to Increase Profits and Reduce Waste While Safeguarding Data.

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