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Kaspersky Is Lab-Free and Radically Transparent

The renamed security vendor stakes out a broader “cyberimmunity” mission with a new partner program and channel chief, and responds to concerns about its Russian roots with a “Global Transparency Initiative.” By Rich Freeman

YOU CAN TAKE THE LAB out of Kaspersky, but you can’t take Kaspersky out of the lab.

Or the home. Or the office. Or the hospital or restaurant or automobile, or any of the other settings where technology needs defending. Safeguarding systems of every kind—not just the endpoints it’s long been known for securing—at all of those places is Kaspersky’s recently adopted mission.

“Our new brand is building a safer world,” says Matthew Courchesne (pictured), the company’s head of SMB and channel for the U.S.

A lot of change has accompanied that new calling, including the June rollout of a new name. Known before as Kaspersky Lab, the company is now simply Kaspersky. It’s self-professed area of expertise, meanwhile, has expanded to “cyberimmunity,” a broader field dedicated to providing more complete protection to a wider range of targets.

Courchesne’s role and title are new as well. Until May, he led the vendor’s U.S. inside sales team. Now he oversees its channel as well, plus the new partner program introduced in January. Called Kaspersky United, it includes registered, silver, gold, and platinum tiers. Anyone can join at the registered level, but silver partners must generate $15,000 of annual revenue, gold partners must produce $50,000, and platinum partners must earn $150,000.

Platinum partners must hold a minimum of three sales certifications and three technical certifications as well. Gold partners can get by with two certifications of each kind, and silver partners need just one sales certification.

In return for clearing those bars, partners receive discounts ranging from 15% for registered partners up to 30% for platinum ones. Gold and platinum partners also get rebates and a dedicated account manager. The Kaspersky United portal shows partners at all levels exactly what benefits they enjoy now and what they need to do to enjoy more. “Each partner has a clear understanding of how much they’ve earned and how they can earn it,” Courchesne says. “It’s fully transparent.”

In a further reflection of Kaspersky’s evolution beyond endpoint security, the new program includes specializations in hybrid cloud security, threat management and defense, threat intelligence, fraud prevention, industrial cybersecurity, and security awareness. “When we have a customer that comes to us, or we have customers that are searching online to find hybrid cloud specialists, our partners that are specialized in that would be at the top of the list,” Courchesne explains.

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