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They’re our latest batch of lesser-known innovators you haven’t heard of yet but will be glad to know better. By ChannelPro


Enlighted Inc.
Based in Sunnyvale, Calif., Enlighted started out as a maker of sensor-based HVAC solutions designed to help commercial building operators trim electricity spending by dynamically directing heating and cooling only to rooms with people in them. It soon realized, however, that the room occupancy readings its system collected could help businesses reduce office space costs as well by identifying and eliminating underutilized spaces. “That actually turned out to be more useful,” says Bob O’Donnell, president and chief analyst at TECHnalysis Research LLC. “The potential savings on real estate dwarf any savings on energy.”

Estimote Inc.
Using New York-based Estimote’s SDK and tiny Bluetooth-enabled beacons and stickers, channel pros can create solutions that feed personalized, location-aware information to smartphones in real time. A system designed for retailers, for example, could automatically give shoppers step-by-step directions to products they’re likely to want, while a solution for hospitals could show patients exactly where to find the specialist they’ve come to visit. Estimote makes prototyping solutions like that affordable too: Its entry-level, three-beacon dev kit sells for just $99.

iPhotonix LLC
At present, most Internet-of-Things solutions come with their own gateway hardware and administration software, posing a major hassle for businesses that use sensor-equipped security, lighting, and heating solutions from different manufacturers. iPhotonix, of Richardson, Texas, is one of several companies seeking to replace those stand-alone technologies with a single management platform capable of supporting all of an end user’s IoT systems centrally. “They simplify the deployment of IoT services,” O’Donnell observes.


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