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HPE Discover 2018 General Session Live Blog

The ChannelPro Network is onsite and live for HPE Discover 2018. Refresh the page occasionally to see the latest updates from the HPE Discover 2018 General Session. All times shown are Mountain Time.

2:52 - That's a wrap for the general session, but we're just getting started. Keep your eye on the ChannelPro Network for more news and potential live blogs as HP Discover unfolds.

2:50 - Paul Hunter back onstage summarizing the bullet points and talking about cats. He means they feel like the cat at the top of the tree, and they need to capitalize on their position with partners to maximize it.

2:45 - Pat O'Connor is the opposite of Simon Birney, being an HP partner for over 30 years. They started in a break-fix model, evolving over time from selling hardware to attaching services. Eventually, they transfomed into a professional services model, but had tried several times to find a consumption model that worked. At the time, there were just no consumption solutions out there. Switch to Greenlake, which he was a part in building it. "It's easier for the customer to engage, have made it flexible for the partner, and has srunk the contract part of it down to a few pages." A big part of the success with Greenlake, in his opinion, is that he can still bundle in his own services through Greenlake, making it a huge win for partners.

2:36 - Joining the panel onstage are two more partners. Simon Birney from NG-IT and Pat O'Connor from Business Alliances OnX. The discussion is tying to changes in expectations, how customers need faster deployment, and solutions that solve the business asks. Being able to provide the aalytics and reporting to show the value add. In Simon Birney's case, they were the biggest Nimble partner in the UK and is relatively new to HPE's portfolio. They seem to like the ability to create a stack that makes sense for customers.

2:28 - Bringing partners onstage now, the first being CEO of a company successful in selling the Aruba product line. The summary of his story is they took the wrong approach trying to sell Aruba wireless to health-care, but soon learned that they needed to gain vertical expertiese and start selling full solutions. Now they package together serveral HPE products and tie it together with mobile apps. They spent 8 months training their staff to sell full go-to-market solutions.

2:27 - Competency is coing to be even more critical in the future. So they are investing in expertise, helping partners engage in competency, with over 40 billion in technical enablement.

2:25 - "Simple. Predictable. Faster."

2:24 - Paul Hunter back up, talking Investments HPE is making in partners. "I want to be the easiest company to do business with," he says. First is the Online Configurator Advance Tool, which will be connected to their quoting tools at some point. Something called Voyager, as well as two new pricing tools called Rally and Medallion. They are commited more than a billion dollars in 2017 to improve their systems and tools for partners, and are continuing to invest more.

2:22 - Queue video of someone who has been super-successful with various HPE products.

2:20 - HPE has announcements around providing channel partners with better marketing tools and strategies, like the Marketing Pro Academy. We'll try to find out more about those in the days to come.

2:15 - Time to tame the IT Monster. They've created this huge shaggy looking monster thing that has "grown out of control" and disrupts business. It's pretty darn creative.

2:12 - He's diving right in pushing HPE as the world's most intelligent storage campaign, and quickly switched gears to the just announced HPE Greenlake offering.

2:10 - Finally, the last is the "Intelligent Edge." Data is going to determine where it should run, noting that HPE's software solutions are ideal. Everyone has a future, the future airport, smart government, etc. That's it for the Super 6! Up next, Chief Marketing Officer Jim Jackson.

2:06 - Now talking long term opportunities. The first being anything "as a service." The second is "software defined," which "enables that cloud-like experience on prem." Naturally, HPE's solution for that is the best.

2:05 - HPE is pushing the Numble store-more guarantee. We talked about that recently on our podcast, ChannelPro Weekly.

2:00 - Short term opportunities first. In the next 2-3 years, the Gen 10 transition, Blades Plus, and Storage to Flash. A little wha-wha moment on the trumpet when Cisco UCS is mentioned.

1:59 - Phil's now showcasing his Super 6 sales opportunites, which represent a 65 Billion dollar opportunities.

1:58 - WiFi slowing down here. We'll keep trying to bring updates, but may have to post pictures later.

1:53 - HPE is more than doubling the industry growth rate in hyperconverged infrastructure at 97%. Phil also notes that customers are most open to switching solution vendors when adopting to new technologies.

1:50 - "Disrupt or Be Disrupted," says Phil.

1:48 - Phil says 80% of their channel business for APJ goes through the channel, and feels they have the best portfolio available in the market today. Comments that their competitors are scaling back, while HPE is doubling down on the growth segments.

1:45 - Antonio exits stage right, commenting on his commitment to the future of HPE. Paul Hunter now introducing Phil Davis, Chief Sales Officer, who will talk about the best six opportunities.

1:43 - HPE sees the applications becoming more self aware, autonomously adapting their enviornment for the data it is dealing with. He sees it defining the VM or container, the necessary resources, and where it runs.

1:40 - The partner experience is improving, as they centralize their various systems. For example, they had 11 different ERP systems, and they will bring everyone into one in the near future.

1:38 - Antonio commenting on how much the market has improved in the past 6 months, as he's seen big increases in customer spending and market demand. AI is also a huge area of growth.

1:35 - Antonio sees lots of opportunities with how HPE innovates. Their natural ability to organically solve problems lends itself to what they see as the future. They see a significant shift to te edge (meaning the cloud), which is crucial for delivering solutions and experiences faster.

1:30 - Three priorities as per Antonio. 1. Customers and partners. 2. Innovation, innovation, innovation. 3. Culture... meaning the culture of HPE.

1:26 - New HPE President and CEO Antonio Neri doing a sit down interview on stage with Paul Hunter.

1:00 - Welcome one and all to the HPE Discover 2018 Live Blog! We're waiting for them to start.

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