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Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: Use Vendor Marketing Materials

Why waste time and money creating your own marketing collateral from scratch when you can let your vendor partners do most of the work instead? By Brian Helwig

Even though MSPs have always struggled with marketing, the ones who’ve found success over the years with generating high-quality leads and acquiring new customers have leveraged the resources made available to them by their vendors.

There’s so much vendor-generated content in the channel for MSPs to repackage and deliver to customers. This is where many MSPs, especially smaller ones, go wrong when it comes to marketing. They don’t take advantage of all the free resources available to them.

Instead of reinventing the wheel by creating your own marketing materials, check in with your vendors. Take some time to scan through their websites for blog content; sign up for their newsletters; and download their marketing templates, guides, and whitepapers. 

You’d be surprised by what’s waiting for you. For example, MSP360 is one of many vendors that provides templates that can simplify marketing significantly. Make these templates yours by dropping in your logo and adding in contact information. The final product should simply outline your services and highlight the benefits of the solutions you’re using. Keep the copy straightforward and easy to understand. The purpose of the pamphlet is to get prospects thinking about the IT services they’re currently receiving.

Your pamphlet should also include the details of your solutions. For example, if your BDR solution is featured in your brochure, provide relevant details about customer uptime, recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO). The data you provide in your marketing materials is what will separate you from MSPs competing for the same business as you, so choose your data points wisely. 

Don’t just provide a cost-benefit analysis on your brochure, though. You want your prospects to consider calling you. Outline the benefits of the solutions you’re using to protect your customers from harm. If you’re a two-man show, which is typical in our space, your marketing materials are what you can use to help demonstrate our worth.

You may also want to add a couple of customer references to your pamphlet. This strengthens not only your pitch but your value. Customers want to know they’re placing their businesses in the right hands. Growing MSPs understand what it means to deliver value to customers, and their marketing materials express this.

Marketing your services to customers doesn’t have to be complicated. Many MSPs over the years have leveraged what’s available to them instead of starting from scratch. It’s one of the best ways to convey your value to prospects without dedicating more of your limited resources to marketing efforts. 

Connect with your vendors to determine if there are any marketing materials you can use to increase your chances of closing more deals. The resources are out there. You just need to find them. 

Brian Helwig has been in software for more than twenty years, growing small and large companies. He is currently the CEO of MSP360 and has held several executive leadership roles at companies like Netwrix Corporation, XO Communications, Veeam and Sterling Commerce (later acquired by IBM). He has been integral leading business development, R&D, sales, finance, operations, services, defining market strategy and focusing on customer experience.

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