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White-label firewall solutions allow MSPs to build a valued brand and drive higher margins. By Frank Bravata

Marketing: SentryCube has been a consistent seller ever since its launch. Our go-to marketing strategy is simple, yet effective. Facebook ads and other targeted promotions are used to drive business owners to our educational events where we teach them how to become more productive and profitable by embracing technology as a competitive advantage. These events allow us to show business owners the importance of a strong firewall to their bottom line. Of course, we also introduce them to SentryCube and the rest of our portfolio. The firewalls are one of our easiest sales—we consistently close 20 to 30 percent of the attendees at our events.  

Selling deeper: Once we sell the units, we spend time learning as much as we can about the rest of each client’s network and work to understand their business challenges and objectives. A few weeks after installation, we schedule a follow-up meeting to see how the company is doing and answer any questions they have. These check-in sessions typically allow us to sell additional products and services, such as managed services contracts, managed wireless, anti-virus, intrusion detection, and other security offerings.

Pricing: We charge $299 a month for our base units (which support as many as 50 users); that price includes hardware, software, licensing, and installation. Most of our clients also contract for 24/7 monitoring and notifications for an additional $200 a month.

Building on the success of SentryCube, we have successfully introduced several other similarly structured and constructed services to our target audience. Developing, marketing, and implementing our own custom solutions has helped us differentiate Cyber Brigade from the competition. Our revenue has increased dramatically too. I highly recommend that all MSPs consider building and growing their own brands.  

FRANK BRAVATA is a technology expert, serial entrepreneur, public speaker, best-selling author, and veterans’ supporter. He is president and CEO of Cyber Brigade, a cybersecurity-focused MSP, and, an MSP speaker-for-hire and training service. Follow him on Twitter @frankbravata.

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