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Day 2: NVIDIA Tech Conference

Coverage Part 2 By Benjamin Sun

I hope you enjoyed my look at the first two days of the GTC and Emerging Companies Summit. After a week of sitting through many hours of sessions on graphics technology and the science applications of such, it’s good to sit back and reflect upon graphics technology as a whole.Graphics technology has been on a ever-spiraling scale of improving speed, sophistication and features that has seen us move from a single colored game like Space War to games that have millions of colors and polygons represented on screen.While the automobile still has the same basic components like a steering wheel, a gas pedal, four wheels, the computer has progressed to the point where sophisticated problem solving of complex problems is possible at a reasonable speed using the graphics card or a graphics processor as the computer. iRay and the photo-realistic images it produces for CAD is nothing short of amazing.

The use of a GPU and 3D in finding a problem area or performing micro-surgery is another. And from a perspective of someone that has followed companies like NVIDIA and AMD since before they became the dominant players in the sport of graphics, I just find it amazing how far we have come. A few years ago I was amazed at one NVIDIA demo “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within”. Today there are games such as HAWK2 that are coming that will use polygons that are 2m in size on a scale with millions of polygons. But beyond gaming is what the GTC and ECS are all about. Many of the readers on this site might not find science on graphics or companies that are involved in graphics interesting, but I take the opposite view of some people that have commented on GTC in general. Progress is always a good thing and one of the things I think this country has forgotten is pushing towards a goal that seems impossible is the American dream.In any event, I think progress in what a graphics chip can do is important and new capabilities are important beyond how many FPS a video card gets in a certain game. Today covers the last two days of the GTC conference and my trip back.

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