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The Arrival By Benjamin Sun

Meet Cinnafilm

In this day and age where everything in TV is HD or beyond at 1080p there is a problem with the graininess of movies shot on 16mm film. Further there are many movies and television shows that have issues with dust and scratches on old film.Modern solutions to these problems have motion compensation artifacts.

Cinnafilm is a company that has a solution to this problem with their software which uses motion vectors and the GPU to extrapolate frames of film. Their Dark Engine technology which is powered by the Pixel Strings uses graphics technology to take a preceding frame, compare it to the frame with a lot of artifacts and fill in the gaps by making a new frame.

This technology is really cool as they use the GPU to add/remove grain from film in real-time. In fact, Germany almost banned 16mm film from their television due to the quality and once Cinnafilm showed them the technology they didn’t.Cinnafilm chose NVIDIA as their platform of choice and the speed up with NVIDIA’s solutions is amazing.

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