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The Arrival By Benjamin Sun

Meet Next IO

I met up with Mike, the CTO of NextIO. NextIO is a server based company that does server racks with an innovative I/O. They can dynamically allocate resources from one server on the network to another. Say you have a 10Gigabit Ethernet card and want to use the resources on the Ethernet card to provide data at 4Gigabits/second to one server, 4 to another and 2 to the third. Their software and hardware solution allows the PCI Express bus to act as a hub for a rack of shared I/O Modules called VConnect.

For example you can share resources with a click of the button. The demonstrator was able to do something I have never seen before move a video card from SLI on one of three servers to another without turning off the application or opening the computer to transfer the card. The other amazing thing NextIO has is hot-swappable PCI Express video cards. You can open the PCI Express card slot holding a card and remove and replace the card while the system is on. The mount has all of the protection for ESD and other issues with removing a card from a powered system, as you flip open the slot the computer turns off the slot allowing you to change it on the fly. They offer vStor which allows you to store flash based storage on a server rack. VCore Express is a 1U solution with up to four Tesla 2070 computing processors on a standard 1U Rack.

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