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Exigent Technologies is committed to a core values system that nurtures employees, puts “culture first,” and aims to be a force multiplier for good. By Daniel Haurey

Worth the Risk

Our transformation was well thought out, but did engage us in some risk. We lost some customers because of relationships they had with people we let go. However, we want the value proposition of Exigent to be about hiring a world-class organization where all the people have the same shared values and march to the same drumbeat with systems in place. That way, the company sustains the customer, not one or two key employees.

We would also argue that the premium we pay for extra perks comes back to us manyfold in employee loyalty and dedication. We are proud to say that in 2016, Exigent made New Jersey Business magazine’s list of best places to work.

At the end of the day, you can always cut corners or bring more to the bottom line, but for Exigent it’s about creating an environment that’s fun and enjoyable, while still making a reasonable profit, paying it forward, and serving our customers well.

Photography: Greg Leshé

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