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Continuum’s Recipe for the Future is a Mix of BI, AI, and Automation: Page 3 of 3

The IT service platform vendor is focusing on the ingredients of business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and automated autonomic computing to address tough challenges like cybersecurity. By Colleen Frye

Going forward, Downey says Continuum will grow its MDR capabilities in two different ways. “One, you’re going to see the MDR capabilities themselves grow. So you’re going to see us focusing on things like being able to add more automation, more reporting, more information at BrightGauge.”

Second, Continuum will be adding more data sources, he says. “So whether it’s email security, vulnerability scanning, we’re looking at different areas across the threat landscape that are attack surfaces. And we’re seeing how we can bring those into the fold as well.”

Helping partners effectively sell cybersecurity is also a focus. As part of the Continuum Enable program, the vendor debuted Certify, a new cybersecurity certification program, on the pre-day of Navigate19, with close to 100 enrollees taking part, says Bob Kocis, chief revenue officer.

Certifying and training partners on how to leverage Fortify is “the number one thing we’re focused on from a partner enablement perspective,” Kocis says, who adds that partners have been telling him, “We need help with cybersecurity and we need help selling those.”

Continuum is offering both a technical and a sales track, and partners can get certified in one or both.

Kocis says partners like Continuum’s security story. “We’re adding partners routinely every quarter that sell not only Continuum Command, but also sell Continuum Fortify.” Also, he says, they’ve gained new Fortify partners who are using a different RMM. “That’s pretty new for us in the past year.”

Also new this year is a focus on office equipment partners moving into MSP territory. In January the vendor added Dan Cooper, managing partner of Jamcoop and chairman of Terrell’s Office Solutions, to its Board of Advisors, and in March appointed John Schweizer as its first vice president of office technology.

“We realized that vertical had grown big enough to where we needed to service it properly. It’s different than a traditional MSP,” he says, adding that Schweizer “speaks the language and we built a vertical team around him to service that segment of our customer base.”

It’s one of Continuum’s faster-growing verticals right now and Kocis expects that to continue. And while the office equipment dealer market, in general, is consolidating, he acknowledges, “that doesn’t mean that the MSP portion is growing slower. We’re seeing partners grow really fast in that space.”

For the foreseeable future, Kocis says Continuum will continue to double down on automation and helping partners be successful with cybersecurity.

Going back to George’s secret sauce analogy, Continuum will continue to tweak the recipe. “I’m not sure the first time I was making a souffle it [also] tasted good,” George says, “but it was good enough to continue to experiment, put a little more salt and a little more of this or a little more of that in, to get there.”

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