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Cash in on Managed Service Bundle Stuffers

This holiday season, deliver a larger, more comprehensive package of solutions to your customers. By Martin Sinderman
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BUNDLED SECURITY PACKAGES are one of several ways to add a little incremental revenue to a managed services contract.
EMAIL CONTINUITY AND ENCRYPTION SERVICES make better financial sense when sold together versus separately.
RESELLING AND INSTALLING SSL CERTIFICATES simplifies a crucial yet increasingly difficult task for customers.
HELPING BUSINESSES OPTIMIZE network capacity is a lucrative adjunct to any MSP’s service lineup.

ASK ANY MARKET-SAVVY MSP, and they’ll tell you: The most profitable way to sell managed services is in bundles—and the bigger the bundle, the better. Here, just in time for the holidays, are some simple ways to stuff the packages you sell with new services that will increase your monthly recurring revenue, while adding value for your customers.

Security Is Every MSP’s Business

Security is the foundation of a recent services bundle that Albuquerque, N.M.-based Net Sciences Inc. rolled out for its clients, according to Joshua Liberman, company president and founder.

“We focus on security because no matter what you think, every MSP’s primary business is now network security and data protection,” he says. “That includes anti-malware, anti-spam, DNS filtering, and lots more—and anybody who thinks otherwise is probably going to taste failure.”

Net Sciences’ Enhanced Security Protection (ESP) bundle builds upon SolarWinds MSP’s remote monitoring and management tool. Integrated with Bitdefender anti-virus software, this platform serves as the lowest common security denominator for client packages.

Data protection solutions from Datto Inc. are also part of the bundle. That includes image-based backups of all servers with automated cloud replication, plus file/folder backup, local server failover, and true disaster recovery. Cisco’s Umbrella offering includes DNS filtering that blocks access to known malevolent sites, “basically protecting users from themselves,” Liberman says.

From there, customers can add an array of ESP enhancements including cloud-based email filtering. Mailprotector’s solution is tops in performance, according to Liberman, who emphasizes it doesn’t engage in “perimeter nuking”—a colorful way of describing what happens when email filtering systems dump messages at the network edge. “You don’t lose emails from senders who got tagged improperly as spammers,” Liberman notes.

“We focus on security because no matter what you think, every MSP’s primary business is now network security and data protection.”


The ESP bundle is capped off with online animation- and video-based security awareness training from KnowBe4 Inc. Users can select training increments and frequency. KnowBe4 will, without warning, regularly launch fully automated, simulated phishing attacks against end users and then track their performance. The results of those tests become the basis for reports “that basically can tell us ‘Johnny in shipping has now fallen for his fourth phishing attack in a row,” Liberman says.

The ESP bundle is priced at $5 per seat, which Net Sciences’ entire client base has accepted. “Our normal procedure is to bring out a bundle of services and make it optional for their first year,” says Liberman. “From there on, we roll it into a larger bundle, and it becomes part of the company’s base services.”

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