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Carbonite Endpoint 360: Data Protection for a Mobile Workforce

Partners now have an easy way to back up their customers’ data on endpoints and in the Office 365 suite. [Sponsored Product Profile] By ChannelPro and Carbonite

Protecting endpoints today is a two-pronged challenge—valuable data lives on endpoint devices such as laptops, and critical applications also live in the cloud. The new Carbonite Endpoint 360 offers protection on both fronts.

Endpoint 360 provides comprehensive, automatic backup for desktops, laptops and tablets—and protects data across the entire Microsoft Office 365 suite, including SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, and Teams. With Endpoint 360, partners can help their customers easily recover individual Office 365 mailboxes, conversations, projects, tasks, calendars, and files. It also protects against accidental deletions, overwriting, and ransomware by providing point-in-time restore options so clean copies of data are easily accessible.

Endpoint 360 At a Glance

  • Comprehensive protection for all user data including data stored on endpoints and in the Microsoft Office 365 cloud application
  • Policy controlled backups that don’t interfere with end-user productivity
  • Secure, remote data access from any device, anywhere, anytime
  • Flexible recovery options including incremental restore of endpoint data and granular restore of Office 365 content
  • Restore data from an administration web dashboard without the need to log into each machine
  • Secure protection and mitigation features like global location tracking, remote data wipe, poison pill, and private key
  • Powerful client-side global deduplication of AES 256-bit encrypted endpoint data

"Most businesses and users have some data living on the endpoints, and some data living in the cloud, and in both of those instances this data is usually unprotected," says Jamie Zajac, senior director of product management at Carbonite. While businesses may have deployed endpoint security solutions and OneDrive does offer some basic recovery features, neither accounts for the weakest link in any security program—end users.

With today's small businesses increasingly mobile, "not only are you worried about users deleting and moving files, you also have corporate IP walking around on these devices," Zajac says. "You need to know where your data is and be able to delete it—if somebody, for example, leaves that device in a cab."

Protecting data in the cloud is equally important. For example, OneDrive doesn't know the difference between a user maliciously deleting a file to cause harm, or intentionally deleting a file because it's not relevant anymore, she explains. "You need to have a solution in place to protect the data. That's where we come in." Carbonite Endpoint 360 picks up where native tools leave gaps.

How Endpoint 360 Works

For Carbonite partners, implementing and managing Endpoint 360 for their SMB customers is painless and cost-effective:

  • Configure backup for Microsoft Office 365 via the Carbonite web portal—nothing to install or manage on premise.
  • Silently deploy Carbonite software on computers, laptops, and tablets using management tools like SCCM, Intune, LANDesk, and others.
  • Back up distributed devices directly to the vault.
  • Recover data, or remotely wipe data if a device is lost or stolen.

Endpoint 360 complements OneDrive, and many organizations aren’t aware they need a cloud backup solution even if they are using OneDrive. If a file is deleted or infected on a local device, that deletion or corruption is automatically synced in OneDrive. Carbonite Endpoint 360 offers backup and recovery with granular restore to protect against this scenario.

Unique to Endpoint 360 is a permissions-only restore capability, Zajac says. In Teams, for example, users may accidentally share things with the wrong people, and Microsoft offers no way to recover from this other than deleting all the permissions and re-adding them manually, Zajac says. Endpoint 360 enables you to "roll back just the permission, so we don't touch any of the data in your SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, and your cloud-based solutions."

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