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BRIX GTX Pro: Power in the Palm of Your Hand

Sponsored Product Spotlight: High-performance in a small form factor. The perfect, budget-friendly solution for SMB's looking to maximize the lifecycle of their technology. By ChannelPro and Gigabyte

In many situations, enterprises need high performance computing power yet don't have the space to accommodate a typical PC form factor. For these scenarios, GIGABYTE offers the BRIX GTX Pro, an ultra-compact and versatile PC kit that redefines PC desktop performance with a miniaturized form factor. Just how miniature is the BRIX GTX Pro? At 300 mm in length, 230 mm in width and 30 mm in height, the BRIX GTX Pro has a total volume of just over 2 liters—or about 126 cubic inches.

That compact size isn't achieved at the expense of performance.

The BRIX GTX Pro features the Intel i7 Core processor with the addition of Intel vPro options, Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 and Intel Hyper-Threading Technology—attributes that boost processing speed, improve efficiency and increase responsiveness. In addition, an integrated memory controller provides a direct connection between the DDR4 memory and the processor, further speeding up data processing. In addition, GIGABYTE has configured the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 graphics card to output to multiple 4K displays. With the ability to multitask and an architecture that delivers 3X the performance of previous generations, the BRIX GTX Pro is ideal for graphics-intense business applications such as high-performance video conferencing and digital signage.

BRIX GTX 950Currently, the BRIX GTX Pro is used by companies involved in digital signage from both the software and hardware sides; applications are now running in various locations such as hotels, banks, and malls. For digital signage applications, the BRIX GTX Pro has two internal fans for active cooling, allowing the ability to lower operating temperature; with its sturdy structure, the BRIX GTX Pro works equally well for both inside and outside environments.

In addition to performance and form factor considerations, the BRIX GTX Pro is designed with future-proofing in mind by including the new USB 3.1 standards through both Type-A and Type-C ports with up to 10Gb/s of high speed bandwidth as well as backwards compatibility. For budget-conscious SMBs looking to maximize the lifecycle of their technology investments, the BRIX GTX Pro fits the bill.

Service and Support
GIGABYTE offers service programs that are also designed to enable SMBs to extend the lifecycle of their technology investments. Under the GIGABYTE Stable Model (GSM) program, customers are guaranteed two-years' supply of motherboards for GIGABYTE products such as the H170M-D3H-GSM motherboard. For partners, extending the lifecycle production of models is an attractive selling point, as it allows them to offer their customers protection against obsolescence. Another selling point: many GIGABYTE products are eligible for advanced swap replacement of parts, minimizing downtime in the event of product issues. Central to GIGABYTE's commitment to service is a dedicated support and technical staff.

The BRIX GTX Pro joins a GIGABYTE product portfolio that allows resellers to provide reliable, high-performance systems to the SMB market. Where uncompromising performance is required in small spaces, the BRIX GTX Pro is the ideal choice.

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