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Many MSPs are using only a small percentage of the automation functionality in their RMMs, missing out on opportunities to gain efficiency and put resources back into their business. By Colleen Frye
Reader ROI: 
AUTOMATION requires putting standards and processes in place first.
TAKE THE TIME to fully learn and leverage the capabilities within your RMM.
CATEGORIZE TICKETS AND ALERTS, and involve your technicians to identify repetitive tasks that could be automated.

Custom Monitors. Rather than just using an RMM’s canned monitors, Stucklen recommends building custom monitors based on client needs and thresholds. “You don’t have to create those from scratch,” he says, but can simply edit the prebuilt items in the tool.

Getting Your Ducks in Row

Bill Stucklen

Stucklen says the first phase of automation is typically about gaining efficiency and improving quality of service, which leads to the second phase: “the ability from either a revenue standpoint or from a resource standpoint to put [more] toward growth of the business.”

At that stage and beyond, Zaroff cautions, humans will still be required. “You’ll always need a person who can step in when needed,” he says.

Still, Pica encourages MSPs to embrace automation, particularly if they want to leverage artificial intelligence and business analytics. “Things are moving faster ... But if you don’t have your ducks in a row today, it’s really hard. You don’t have the time or money to keep up. I believe this is the time where you really need to view your job differently.”

And Stucklen says identifying automation opportunities is not that difficult. “Look at what your engineers [are] spending the most time doing. I promise there is something that … could be automated.”

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