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Artificial Intelligence Can Boost Your MSP Business

Look for ways to leverage AI to service your customers faster, better, and cheaper, freeing up resources for higher-value, higher-revenue services. By Richard Tubb

WHEN I ASK IT solution providers or managed service providers if they’ve used any artificial intelligence (AI) applications yet, most say they haven’t—yet the likelihood is they have. Anyone who’s used a smartphone to take a photo of a friend and then uploaded it to social media has experienced AI in action with the facial recognition.

AI, or machine learning, is not tomorrow’s technology. It is here today, and forward-looking MSPs are already leveraging it to help their customers.

Cybersecurity is a good example of how AI can help protect your customers faster, better, and cheaper than a human could. Consider all the security decisions you need to make when you’re online, including:

  1. Do you know if the website is bad?
  2. Do you know if an IP address is dodgy?
  3. Is that free smartphone app malicious?

That information would help determine if you could click, surf, or install something. There are simply too many decisions for humans to make, however, and that’s why companies like Avast and Webroot, for example, are using AI to discover threats and keep MSPs’ clients safe.

Automation-driven AI

AI can also enhance remote monitoring and management tools with a form of AI known as condition-driven automation.

Take this common scenario. When the Windows print spooler on a computer is not working, your help desk gets flooded with calls from users who can’t print. Your service desk has to troubleshoot the nonfunctioning printer by remoting into the print server desktop, restarting the print spooler service, and contacting the user to ask him/her to try printing again. This is then repeated for every user affected—a time-consuming process.

By freeing up your technicians’ time to do more complex, interesting, and profitable work, AI will help your MSP business grow.

A modern RMM tool such as NinjaRMM would see that the Windows print spooler service isn’t running and automatically restart the service—hopefully resolving the issue before any end user has been affected, and thus avoiding a service desk ticket.

If the print spooler can’t automatically be restarted, then a tool like NinjaRMM will raise a ticket in your PSA tool to alert your service desk, which can take remediation steps, and hopefully resolve the issue before those end-user calls start flooding in.

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