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AppGuru: App Monitoring and Management Made Simple

A new offering from LogMeIn, AppGuru helps IT pros manage their clients’ business and personal productivity apps. By Michael Siggins

AppGuru is LogMeIn’s new product specifically designed to help IT professionals embrace, secure, and manage the rapid influx of business and employee-introduced cloud applications in the workplace—apps that have been adopted with little or no IT involvement.

Featuring a combination of monitoring and management capabilities, AppGuru introduces new ways for IT pros to gain visibility into employee use of cloud apps, set group or individual policies, and centralize user management across a broad, growing catalog of personal and business apps.

Gregg LaRoche (pictured), director of products at LogMeIn, talks with Michael Siggins, vice president and publisher of The ChannelPro Network, about AppGuru and how channel pros use it to leverage the Bring Your Own App opportunity.

ChannelPro-SMB: Bring Your Own App, or BYOA, creates a challenge for businesses, but also an opportunity for channel pros. Can you talk about that opportunity, and how AppGuru can help capitalize on that?

Gregg LaRoche: The Bring Your Own App phenomenon is best described as a set of user behaviors where users are finding tools they want to use to be more productive. Those tools may be different than what they’ve been using in the enterprise. So more and more applications are finding their way into the workplace, and the IT environments of those workplaces are often managed by service providers. 

We think there’s a tremendous opportunity to put a layer of control and awareness around BYOA behavior on the network, making sure that the service provider is in a great position to understand what’s going on and manage that. [And] as their clients move forward, [the service provider can] make sure [clients] are not exposing themselves to security problems or data loss or other compliance violations. 

Bottom line, the BYOA problem is [one] of knowledge and understanding. And so the service provider is going to be looking for tools to help them gain that understanding of what’s [happening] on those networks and how they can put that layer of management around those cloud services for clients who right now are dealing with a situation that is a bit like the Wild West.

ChannelPro-SMB: AppGuru can be used as an assessment tool to open a door to business, right? 

LaRoche: Yes, we see a lot of different opportunities for channel partners. One [is], as you discover all the cloud services that are being used on a client’s network [with AppGuru], you could conceivably sell that as an assessment service, maybe drop the product into an environment, understand what’s going on with the cloud service usage in that network, and then sit with the client and review that information, along with some recommendations for how to move forward in a better way. So, just that assessment alone could be a service offering. 

Managing those cloud services on behalf of the client on an ongoing basis could be a service where every user, as part of their basic managed services solution, get[s] cloud app management, in addition to anti-virus, storage, and backup and disaster recovery, or anything else they’re getting as part of their monthly fee. They could just roll in a cloud app management component. 

ChannelPro-SMB: Do other LogMeIn tools need to be in place to use AppGuru?

LaRoche: No. We do, of course, have integrations built with all the LogMeIn products if the channel partners are reselling, for example, Cubby,, Rescue, or LogMeIn Pro or Central. Those are pre-integrated for cloud services management, so there are advantages when using AppGuru in combination with other LogMeIn products.

However, AppGuru works on its own and today can discover and report on hundreds of cloud services, and that number is growing all the time. And we can do the provisioning and de-provisioning license management for a large and growing subset of those services. 

ChannelPro-SMB: Is it available now?

LaRoche: Yes, it has been released. We’re focusing our marketing efforts right now on the managed services channel. So, right now, we’re at events talking about how the channel partners can bring value to their clients using this tool.

ChannelPro-SMB: What are the details of the trial offer?

LaRoche: It’s a 30-day free trial. It can be activated from the website. 

ChannelPro-SMB: Any final advice?

LaRoche: Bring Your Own App doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. I think people getting more productive and using the tools they want to use can help drive positive business outcomes for every company. So, we don’t necessarily want to lock that down and prevent that from happening. As service providers, we want to find a way that people can use the better tools, but in a way that makes sense for the business and for the service provider. Bring Your Own Apps is a great opportunity [for service providers] to really help their clients as the world of computing is changing, [and to] help them be a part of that. 


PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: More on AppGuru from LogMeIn

Details and demo information from the AppGuru website

What is AppGuru?
A comprehensive cloud app management solution.

AppGuru allows IT to discover cloud apps coming into the business, strategically analyze the value and risks they pose to the workplace, and provision the best for widespread use. With this new visibility, IT can become a valuable 
business partner by empowering employee productivity while mitigating the inherent data loss and compliance risks associated with cloud apps.


  • Gain insight into what apps are being used on the network
  • Identify usage trends and adopt the apps that users want
  • Spend less time managing users with a single cloud directory
  • Turn user access “on-and-off” with a single cloud identity
  • Keep track of license utilization across all of your cloud apps
  • Meet security requirements by closing cloud app security gaps
  • Leverage your existing directory investment with AD Sync

Discover cloud app usage on your network
Once the AppGuru client is downloaded and installed on a server in your internal network, AppGuru’s proprietary monitoring technology begins to capture and analyze the traffic that flows through your firewall from users and their devices to their favorite cloud apps. Within moments, the AppGuru user interface begins to visualize these results in an interactive view, which allows for numerous filtering, sorting, searching, and exporting capabilities.

Leverage your Active Directory
By simply entering your domain admin credentials when prompted by AppGuru, users, groups, and organizational units from Active Directory automatically start populating AppGuru’s cloud directory. Once the sync is completed, changes made in Active Directory will be reflected in AppGuru, allowing for easy provisioning and license management as users come and go from the company.

Integrates with cloud app APIs
AppGuru offers tight integration with each app’s unique administrator API. This means you get one-click user provisioning, centralized license management, and the ability to turn off features or enforce settings (e.g., storage limits) to better secure cloud applications for your business.

Sleek and simple user interface
AppGuru’s drag-and-drop interface is so intuitive that there’s practically zero learning curve to manage cloud apps for all your employees. To add a user, group, or organizational unit to a specific policy, simply drag your selection from the directory over to the desired cloud app tile on the other side of the screen. The users immediately have access to that app. Want to remove them? Just hit the “x” on the policy in their profile and they’re gone. It’s that simple!





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