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6 Terrible Tech Gadgets: Bad Inventions at Their Worst: Page 4 of 8

Get a solid laugh out of our list of six of the worst tech gadgets to come out in the last few years. Who thought these bad gadgets were good ideas? By ChannelPro

Fast Finger Keyboards: $24.99

Ever wish the keys on your computer keyboard were in alphabetical order? Well, you're in the minority, because no one in this day and age wishes that. Nevertheless, Fast Finger Keyboards switch from QWERTY style to alphabetical at the touch of a button. And if that's not cool enough, the function keys allow you to insert common message acronyms like LOL and BRB! Here's an idea – instead of the keyboard, spend a couple of hours with Mario Teaches Typing or Mavis Beacon like the rest of us did.

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