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Call That Girl's Office 365 Show features a discussion about Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange migrations.
Back from vacation, Rich is tanned, rested, and ready to talk with Erick about the forthcoming SolarWinds IPO, why MSPs should do internal quarterly business reviews, and why everyone who loves coffee will soon be lathering up with a new soap made from the stuff.
Rich is on vacation yet still somehow on this week’s show discussing what’s ahead for GDPR, why MSPs should establish symbiotic business relationships with local vendors, and good news for the sleep deprived in his latest 5(ish) minute chat with Erick.
Lisa discusses tech and pricing changes in this episode of Call That Girl's Office 365 Show.
Erick and Rich have Tech Data’s new Cisco ordering tool, the power of end-user satisfaction surveys, and the zombie apocalypse that struck Florida last week on their minds in their latest video gabfest.
This episode of Lisa Hendrickson's Call That Girl's Office 365 Show features a candid talk about Office 365 with Brian Mayo (aka YeOldStoneCat) from Technibble.
Grab a seat as Rich and Erick dish on Lenovo's new leadership team, the reasons channel pros like you should make time for attending conferences, and the declining number of babies named Alexa.
Is your company a startup or an experienced market leader? What about your customers? The bigger the gap between you and your clients when it comes to maturity, the harder you’ll find it to grow. Find out why in this one-minute business tip from managed services guru Manuel Palachuk.
The Call That Girl Office 365 Show features Tom Lawrence, of Lawrence Technology Services, in a discussion about using Google Analytics to inform marketing endeavors.
Another week, another Kaseya story for Erick and Rich to ponder before discussing the power of "question-based selling" techniques and new research that suggests the kind of web browser and smartphone you use could someday be more important than your FICO score in determining whether you get that loan you want.