Ultra Durable

February 12th, 2016 | Matt Whitlock
System builders are often seen as computer enthusiasts looking for the most extreme of high-end computing, meaning components that push the envelope of performance. Graphics cards stacked with massive coolers, unlocked processors, massive water or liquid coolers, and motherboards engineered for extreme overclocking. - read more
January 31st, 2012 | Motherboards.org
Gigabyte X79-UD5 Ultra Durable Motherboard Unboxing & Hands-On - read more
January 10th, 2012 | Motherboards.org
Hardware Pr0n: Gigabyte X79-UD5 Ultra Durable LGA 2011 Motherboard - read more
November 14th, 2011 | Motherboards.org
Gigabyte X79-UD3 LGA 2011 Ultra Durable Motherboard Unboxing - read more
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