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PDXLAN 20 In Portland Oregon Day 1

Day 1 at the Portland Oregon PDXLAN 20 2012 By Elric Phares

PDXLAN is here in Portland Oregon.This happens to be the 10th year anniversary of the PDXLAN events.  For those who are not aware PDXLAN comes about 3 times a year and is always at the convention center across from Holiday Inn Airport located just minutes from the PDX airport.  The day started with the participants lining up in droves to get their pass and in the venue to get their rigs setup.PDXLAN is a BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) LAN event where a group of up to 550 gamers get together to Frag hard for 4 full days of almost nonstop gaming.After getting admittance the crowd quickly found each of their gaming seats where they setup their rigs and prepared for battle.A little time was given for the crowd to get setup before the opening ceremony started which was a quick PowerPoint presentation by PDXLAN leader Matt “Vector” Conwell. Rules of the LAN were covered along with some basic etiquette then thanks the multitude of sponsors was given.

Speaking of sponsors PDXLAN had a total of over 100K in prizing for the LAN event this go around which is absolutely amazing with Sapphire taking the top spot with over 40K in prize sponsorship. After the Opening Ceremony was completed gamers quickly dispersed to get running.One of the sponsors of PDXLAN is Monster Energy which there was no shirt supply as a very large Ice filled tub was full with Ice cold monster which was quickly depleted and refilled many times over to ensure many hours of nonstop energy drink fueled gaming sessions It is not nearing 3AM as many hours have passed and there are no signs of letting up but with the new PDXLAN rules the venue closes at 4AM and re-opens at 10 AM therefore the gamers will be forced to get some shut eye or at the least vacate the gaming area for some rest. With that in mind Tomorrow will be some pretty cool tournaments and competitions and we can’t wait to see them! Look for day 2 Next.

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