IT and Business Insights for SMB Solution Providers


September 16th, 2014 | James E. Gaskin
People expect WiFi everywhere. Putting up a guest Access Point at your local Starbucks (one will handle all the slow-drinking laptop and tablet users in any one store) requires nothing special. Installing and managing scores to hundreds of access points, one in every room of a school, hotel, apartment complex, or dormitory or the like can be a Grande problem for resellers. - Read More
September 16th, 2014 | James E. Gaskin
You may not have noticed, and we certainly didn't, but Netgear now has a complete line of wireless access points that provide business-class wireless networking. We tested the WN370, a new AP, as the APs used when we tested the Netgear WC7600 Premium Wireless Controller. - Read More
August 26th, 2014 | John McCormick
Drobo's 5D can keep up with the data demands of video editing, provide protection against a one disk failure, and allows for easy increases in capacity... if you can get over some finicky behavior and setup troubles. - Read More
August 17th, 2014 | Tobias Hough
Intel Program Manager Vanessa Foden showcases tablet and software solutions that support retail mobile point of sale (POS) at Intel Solutions Summit 2014, including rugged, transaction-focused, inventory-focused, and customer-focused designs. - Read More
August 6th, 2014 | James E. Gaskin
If you deal with Windows 8 hard drives, including those in Windows Server 2012, you'll definitely learn something from this software. - Read More
August 3rd, 2014 | Tobias Hough
Enjoy a PC-like virtual desktop without the bulky and clunky computer taking up all that space on/under your desk. The SC-T46 dual-output & SC-T47 quad-output discrete thin clients are perfect for high-end workstations that need maximum workspace. - Read More
July 25th, 2014 | James E. Gaskin
Configuring the system doesn’t take long, and with pre-configured phones to choose from, phone installation is a snap. - Read More
July 16th, 2014 | James E. Gaskin
We go eyes on Acer's biggest PC desktop monitor, the 32-inch behemoth B326HUL. Can Acer's giant WQHD display look good and be affordable at the same time? - Read More
July 11th, 2014 | James E. Gaskin
It’s not a flashy phone, but it’s solid, feature-rich, and affordable—just what your client needs for a productive day at the office. - Read More
June 27th, 2014 | James E. Gaskin
Like scrubbing bubbles, GrimeFighter’s “minions” scour your PC to rid it of unnecessary apps, junk toolbars, and whatever else is slowing down your machine. - Read More