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Rapoo 7100P Review, A Low-Cost Optical Mouse With 5G Wireless and 18 Month Battery Life

The Rapoo 7100P wireless optical mouse hits a solid middle ground of performance, affordability, comfort, and durability despite it's low cost. By Chris Eaves

The Rapoo 7100P wireless optical mouse hits a solid middle ground of performance, affordability, comfort, and durability. The 7100P we received came in an artful metallic red design that some people will immediately love and others, well, not-so-much. It's also available in the typical black or grey motif, but also in a bold lime-green for the uninhibited youth out there.

The plastic, chrome and rubber wheel clicks and spins effortlessly, although it never feels like a premium product. Similarly, the uni-body design, while stylish and subtle, produces clicks that one would expect on a $10 device.

The DPI toggle button in the middle of the mouse allows the user to instantly switch from a slow-and-steady 500 DPI pointer movement to a zoom-the-room speed of 1,000 DPI, which is perfect for nearly everything else.

The two forward/back buttons on the left side of the mouse are well placed for right-handed users, although like the Feenix Nascita performance mouse we recently reviewed, lefties will find them utterly useless. Still, the design is conservative enough that left-handed users can get along with this model OK, although they definitely won't fall in love with it.

Right-handed users, particularly teens, ladies and anyone with an average-sized hand will feel right at home with this smaller-than-normal mouse. The size of this unit makes it tempting to use on-the-go, however, it lacks a pouch or case. In limited testing, the battery cover fell off while in a backpack.

The USB dongle is perfectly sized for securely plugging into a laptop port. However, to store it you must first remove the battery cover to access the storage bay – it would be nice to have this port outside the battery compartment.

The wireless connection operates at 5Ghz, which separates it from many forms of common interference, including Bluetooth and the majority of Wi-Fi systems.  The manufacturer claims that the mouse will work from a distance up to 30 meters, but expect less a little less than that unless you live in a test chamber.


The Rapoo 7100P also uses an on/off switch on the bottom of the unit, which must be used if you are going to realize the 18-month of battery life claimed by the manufacturer. Speaking of, we didn't have 18 months lead time to put those claims to the test. The battery life will no-doubt be impressive, but whether or not you'll actually hit 18-months will no doubt vary on many factors. The 7100p ships with two alkaline batteries, so, at least in theory, you should be able to get two-thirds of the way through the two-year warranty period before you have to swap out your first set of batteries.

Overall, this mouse is a great combination of performance and value.

At a glance...

Rapoo 7100P wireless optical mouse
Model #7100P
Retail price: $30


  • Small, lightweight design
  • Mind-blowing battery life, claimed to be 18 months
  • Lag-free performance
  • Two-year limited hardware warranty


  • Ergonomic design not suited lefty or large-handed users
  • Questionable durability
  • Cheap-feeling buttons/wheel

Bottom Line

Great for people with average hands who want a highly responsive mouse without changing batteries every six weeks. Lefties and ham-handed users may want to pass.

About the Author

Chris Eaves is a contributing technology reviewer, based in the greater Chicago area, who specializes in computer hardware, software, and gaming.

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