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The Lap Log Review: Every Comfy Sitting Surface Needs One

After trying out Bamboosa’s Lap Log for the last few weeks, I can tell you that every couch and comfy chair in every waiting room, meeting room, or corner office should have one. By Matt Whitlock

There are a lot of ways to add value to the IT products and services you sell, but sometimes it's those other things outside of the traditional tech fare that make you a hero in the eyes of your customers. After trying out Bamboosa's Lap Log for the last few weeks, I can tell you that every couch and comfy chair in every waiting room, meeting room, or corner office should have one.

Unlike a new notebook, tablet, or server, the Lap Log isn't exactly a piece of complex technology. When broken down to its parts you're looking at little more than a tube-shaped pillow stuffed with all-natural buckwheat hulls combined with a wooden insert that juts out to hold a tablet, phone, or e-reader. To be fair, I've seen and tried a bunch of soft tablet stands. Bamboosa's offering isn't treading new ground, but it's clearly one of the better quality offerings out there.

The outer fabric is high-quality organic cotton twill that comes in a variety of colors and is 100 percent washable. The internal buckwheat hulls were an interesting choice for filler, but actually do more than add to the "all-natural, eco-friendly" vibe the company is shooting for. It happens to be a material that allows the Lap Log to maintain a good density that holds a tablet at whatever angle you want without rolling or flattening out against your legs. It even comes with an envelope of extra hulls in case you want to add a few more to bulk it up even more (or more likely, in case not all of them make it back in after emptying it for the wash).

The other nice touch is the wooden insert for the tablet, which was actually much better looking than I expected and a nice departure from the rest of the products we see in our injection-molded society. Its shape accommodates anything 3/4 inches or narrower, and had no problems holding every slate, smartphone, or tablet we threw at it. It might even hold one of the new Lenovo or Sony flip hybrids, too.

When sitting on a sofa or chair the Lap Log did a fantastic job of positioning a tablet for easy viewing and swiping whether I was slouching with my legs up on a table or sitting straight up, with an effective range between near vertical to near horizontal. It's comfortable in use, and the cotton cover breathes well enough to prevent cases of sweaty, sticky leg syndrome after prolonged use.

If I have anything negative to say, it's that I wasn't a huge fan of the avocado green color of the demo unit I got, but tastes and styles will vary by room decor and personal preference. It comes in more colors and patterns than you can count on fingers and toes combined. The IT crowd may find black to be the more universally appealing color, but finding your inner fashionista will help you select the right Lap Log look to complement any decor.

Like I said, it doesn't take a degree in rocket science to get a handle on how this works, however the value of good peripherals like the Lap Log is often underestimated. Everyone, of all ages, is hopping on the tablet/smartphone bandwagon these days. Any customer with an office couch, waiting room, meeting room, or padded chair (meaning just about any customer) could use one (or 20) of these. Right now, your customer's are giving online retailers like Amazon nearly forty bucks a pop for these kinds of things. Why not let them give that money (and profit) to you?

Of course, pick one or two up for yourself so you can also enjoy a comfy tablet holder when kicking back on the couch at home.

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