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Koala Mount by Dockem Review: Faith in 3M to the Extreme

Dockem's Koala Mount sticks your tablet to just about any surface (creative uses not included). By Colin McBride

The Koala Mount (for Tablets), by Dockem Products is a little gadget for placing your iPad, Surface, Nexus, smartphone, or other tablet alternative to a door, cabinet, refrigerator - and many other surfaces without tools or permanently scarring up a wall once removed. It utilizes 3M brand "Command Strips" to adhere it to your surface of choice.

I must admit, when asked to review this product, I was more than skeptical about using my somewhat expensive tablet in a holder that I personally viewed as flimsy and cheap. From the exterior package the mount looks like it's made of solid metal, but it's actually plastic brushed in chrome. Once I read the instructions and took it out of the package to toy with it a bit (prior to actually placing it on my wall) - I was somewhat surprised.

My first thought was, of course, "Do they seriously expect me to stick my $500 tablet in a holder that mounts with sticky tape instead of good 'ol fashioned metal-meets-wood screws?"

I can't say I was exactly comfortable with the idea that the only thing keeping gravity from smashing my iPad against a hard tile floor is a little sticky foam strip that's "designed' to easily detach by simply pulling on one end. However, as soon as I installed it and (reluctantly) placed my tablet in it's grasp I became a believer, and also a future purchaser.

Despite my fears this thing would come tearing down off the wall and into my open arms, it held. Actually, it held well. As stated earlier - looks can be deceiving - this is a great product, with several uses around the house - whether it be checking a recipe in the kitchen, watching a movie in the bedroom or reading the morning news in the… restroom. Given the relatively low cost (at least compared to some Apple accessories), simple installation, convenient cord clip, and firm hold, there's no excuse not to stick a bunch of these around the house or office to use your tablet in any number of creative ways. If you're not into the bling of chrome Dockem also makes it available in black.

Price isn't exactly what will hold you back. MSRP is $29, but you can pick one up almost anywhere for $15. Whether or not the Dockem Koala Mount is for you largely depends on your faith in 3M's ability to manufacture glue, but if you can get over that, you'll dream up a number of new creative and useful ways to use your tablet.

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