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Kingston SSDNow V Series 30G Twin-Pack Review

Fast, secure and stable are just a few things the new Kingston TwinPack 30GB SSDNow brings to the table. By Elric Phares

The SSD drive has become popular as drives have faster random access times, faster start-up times, consistent read performance and little performance degradation from file fragmentation as a HDD would. SSD drives have no platters, no spindle and data is stored in Flash memory so seek times are far less than on a HDD.

Memory manufacturers manufacture the most critical components of a SSD drive, the NAND Flash memory, and therefore many of them have entered the SSD market as it is a natural fit. Kingston is a memory manufacturer that also manufactures USB Flash drives and cards, so it’s natural for them to also make SSD drives.

One issue with SSD drives is the GB per dollar metric. While a 2TB HDD from WD might cost$100, or $250 on the Enterprise drives, the same amount of money would get you a mere 64GB SSD drive or 40GB SSD drive. RAID 0 is also a big selling point as two SSD drives would be screaming fast in RAID 0. The solution of selling two smaller SSD drives for that purpose is a logical one and today I’m reviewing the Kingston Twin Pack 2x30GB kit.

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