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ioSafe N2 Review: Flexible Data Storage Meets Indestructible Design

Off-site and cloud storage can be riddled with inconveniences, complexities, and costs. There is something to be said about adding durable, local storage to a backup strategy. That is what the N2 offers, but does it excel? By Matt Whitlock

In today's disposable world of products, the old saying "they don't make them like they used to" may be cliché, but it's entirely accurate. "Cut costs, cut materials, improve margin" is the modern day manufacturing mantra, but in many cases companies push too far to keep costs and price down. You may save a buck, but there was a day that extra buck was worth every penny. I only bring up my general contempt for the disposable nature of modern day goods to illustrate how refreshing it is to see a product, the N2 from ioSafe, that proves a reasonable price does not have to equate to the cut corners, cheap materials, or terrible service.

Let's face facts, there is no shortage of NAS or DAS storage devices aimed at the SMB or consumer market. If you have data to store, any number of companies have oodles of boxes lined up to house it. That is, of course, only one point in a data storage strategy. For your data to really be safe, it must be protected not only from the potential (and inevitable) failure of the storage device, but also against the potential destruction of that device from fire, flood, and so on.


A subset of storage devices rank as "durable", built extra tough to withstand the cruel ways of Mother Nature and the strict laws of some guy named Murphy. These devices, however, are becoming rare as most opt for off-site or cloud storage to protect data from disaster. These are viable solutions for many, but not for all. Off-site and cloud storage is riddled with inconvenience, complexity, security concerns, and exponential costs as needs scale.

Even if none of those issues are a concern, there is something to be said about adding another layer of protection to a data strategy. That is what the N2 offers, and that is where it excels.

ioSafe's N2 sandwiches two mechanical hard drives in a practically indestructible container. It's size is unassuming, but it's weight [nearly 30 pounds] speaks volumes. It's a tank, even removing it from the box took more oomph than a good deal of the fully built PCs we test.

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