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GIGABYTE has done an interesting job with their H67A-UD3H motherboard,Performance is a little higher than the other motherboards on the market and despite the lack of overclocking this is a very solid board indeed. By Elric Phares

The motherboard market has taken a dramatic step in being revitalized by Intel starting earlier last month with the release of the Sandy Bridge CPUs and P67/H67 series of motherboards. It is interesting to note that every Sandy Bridge CPU will have integrated graphics on the processor itself even if only the H67 Express motherboards or upcoming Z68 chipset, which will feature performance options for overclocking the Sandy Bridge processors, can use the integrated graphics.

GIGABYTE is one of the Tier-1 motherboard manufacturers based in Taiwan. Every Intel or AMD chipset launch they come out with a variety of motherboards on the new chipset.  The H67 Express chipset is no exception to that rule with less than 7 motherboards based upon the new chipset.  The H67 Express chipset supports the integrated GMA HD 2000 and 3000 graphics on the Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs. Today’s review is on one of the first GIGABYTE H67 Express chipset motherboards the H67A-UD3H board.

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