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ECS H67H2-M Motherboard Review

ECS has done a great job with their H67H2-M motherboard with four different display connections, which allow all current types of monitors to be attached to the computer without an adapter. This is a cool feature for sure. By Elric Phares

Intel has recently launched the Sandy Bridge processor family to a lot of accolades along with two new motherboard chipsets the H67 and P67 for the mainstream and performance segments of the market.  The new integrated graphics on the Sandy Bridge CPUs are much faster than the previous generation graphics of the GMA HD. For the mainstream consumer wanting to play casual and mainstream games like Farmville and many of the titles that are not graphically intensive, the GMA 3000 is perfect.

For the performance and enthusiast segment, however, the integrated graphics on the new CPU are not sufficient. Those users will most likely want and use a faster CPU with more memory and external video cards like the HD 6970 or GeForce GTX 570. Some people might even want to use these cards in multiple graphics mode in Crossfire or SLI mode.  This is where the P67 chipset comes in.  The P67 is the performance equivalent of the H67 as the P55 was the performance equivalent to the H55.

Elite Computer Systems is one of those manufacturers that make motherboards and video cards and other computer related equipment. They have fully embraced the new platform of P67 and have several P67 and H67 motherboards on the market.  Today they are releasing the newest version of their HTPC motherboards, the H67H2-M motherboard running the H67 chipset.

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