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Biostar TA75M+ Motherboard Review: Page 3 of 4

When you take into account that the Intel boards that fit into this category are much more expensive then the value of this board really stands out. It also competes very well against similar AMD boards and also brings some really nice features to the table. By B. Ramirez

TA75M+   Performance

Before we get into how well this board performs let me first explain how we test these boards. We use several benchmarks to stress these boards and give a good indication of how well they’ll be able to run demanding applications. This will give you a good general idea of what to expect from the performance of your system if you happen to be using similar hardware. For these tests we use very basic hardware that most others would use so that we can give the broadest base for performance.

These boards retail currently for about 95 dollars. With that being said these boards perform extremely well for their price point. This provides the user with an incredible value for their money. This is one of the top performing boards that we’ve seen in this category. Our PC Mark 7 scores were outstanding for a board of this kind. In fact it competed very well against boards that featured a much better chipset and processor. To be honest we really weren’t expecting this kind of performance from these boards. They have been a very pleasant surprise and also very hassle free to work with.

These boards are meant for more of the average and home theatre PC user, but we’ve found that even enthusiasts would be pleased with the performance of these boards. If you were to pair this board with a good graphics card and a case that can provide ample airflow, there really isn’t much that would be able to compete with it for the price. This board posted very solid Cinebench scores and the Dhrystone and Whetstone scores weren’t bad either. The limitation in these scores really is the processor. In terms of graphical performance though, the x16 PCIe slot was very capable of utilizing the full potential of our HD 6950 graphics card. For a small form factor gaming machine this board has proven itself to be very capable.

Judging by the score we got in 3D Mark 11 these boards really don’t hold back the performance of the graphics card. This is very important if you are planning on using this for a LAN party rig. For those that are interested in a strictly gamming rig this board isn’t a bad choice. If you’re also looking for a small form factor then this board is really a great deal. Biostar has excelled at delivering great performance for a reasonable price. This board fits right into that category. With all of the incredible features that you get with this board you really can’t go wrong. Our benchmarks prove that it is one of the best boards in this configuration and chipset. This is where Biostar really shines at giving their customers the value that they’ve come to expect.

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