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ASUS Mars II Dual GTX 580 Video Card Review

What I first need to explain is that this isn’t the average system that most consumers would have, but this also isn’t the average video card either. We try to give a best case scenario when testing our hardware so that you can have a better understanding of the maximum performance you can expect from your hardware. By B. Ramirez

We are about to take a look at a card that really is something special. This isn’t the kind of card that the average consumer would be looking purchase. This card is for the extreme enthusiasts that want the bragging rights that this card will give them. Asus has a long history of providing excellent products that also come in at a reasonable price. This review will demonstrate that this isn’t going to follow that mold. There were only 999 of these cards produced and that is one of the reasons that it’s so expensive. With so few being produced this card is going to be more of a collector’s item than the kind of card you’d actually want to have in your system.

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