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ASUS HD 6870 Direct CU Video Card Review: Page 4 of 5

This is great for those that want to really be able to immerse themselves in their games or for those that do a lot of multi-tasking. This particular card only has 1 gig By B. Ramirez

ASUS HD 6870 Gaming

We’ve pretty much covered everything that this card has to offer so now let’s take a look at how well it actually performs. This card comes in at about 200 dollars. This gives you an idea of where Asus feels that this card falls into in terms of performance. It’s meant to be a strong mid-range card in terms of overall performance. We’ll see if that holds true when we put it through the paces on our test bench.

In this price range this card should perform fairly well at the standard HD resolutions. For resolutions above 1920x1080 you may want to look at another card or add a second for Crossfire X. These cards have proven to be very capable for their price and prove that Asus can improve upon the stock design. In Crossfire these cards really do show their value. For 400 dollars you will get graphical performance that will compete very well against AMD’s 6970 video card. This really means that one of these cards is a great value for those that are gaming on a budget and want the option to upgrade in the future.  

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