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ASUS HD 6870 Direct CU Video Card Review: Page 2 of 5

This is great for those that want to really be able to immerse themselves in their games or for those that do a lot of multi-tasking. This particular card only has 1 gig By B. Ramirez

ASUS HD 6870 Features

Stock HD 6870 Features

This is a card that comes with lots of features that will really add to the value of this card. The most important feature that these cards have is AMD’s Eyefinity technology. With Eyefinity you have the ability to utilize up to 3 monitors on a single card. This is great for those that want to really be able to immerse themselves in their games or for those that do a lot of multi-tasking. This particular card only has 1 gig of dedicated video memory. Because of this limitation you really won’t be able to use this technology with several high-definition monitors. I recommend using monitors with a resolution that is under 1600x900 if you are only using one of these cards. You would be better off running two or more in Crossfire X to get the most out of Eyefinity.

Well we were just talking about the other feature that makes these cards an incredible value. That’s their Crossfire X support. This technology allows you to use up to 2 of these cards together to boost your graphical performance. These cards scale really well and can give you up to an 85% increase over using just a single card. This is an incredible value for most gamers. You just have to have a compatible motherboard and power supply to take advantage of AMD’s crossfire technology.  I would recommend that you have at least a 700 watt power supply, from a reputable company, in order to properly power a couple of these cards. You can check AMD’s website for recommended power supplies.

These cards are also able to take advantage of AMD’s Accelerated Parallel Processing Technology. This feature takes the graphical processing power of your video card and turns it into an incredibly powerful processing unit. Because of the way that graphics cards are engineered they are better adapted to do heavily multi-threaded tasks than your processor. With this technology enabled you can greatly reduce the amount of time that it would normally take to complete heavily multi-threaded tasks like video transcoding and photo manipulation. This technology has really become important with the advent of programs that are able to take advantage of parallel processing.  

The next feature that really needs to be discussed is this card’s full Direct X 11support. Direct X 11 is Microsoft’s 3 dimensional graphics and multimedia processing. Direct X 11 brings some really great technologies to graphical processing. The most incredible of these new enhancements is tessellation support. This is a technology that you have to see to believe. It makes objects and environments look much more realistic than they ever have before. If you are looking at a something in the distance it makes it look much more detailed and textured than it would otherwise. Without tessellation the same object would look pixelated and jagged. With tessellation enabled the object looks much more textured and real. This one of the nicest features of Direct X 11 and these cards reproduce it beautifully.

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