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What the Func? A New Ergonomic Mouse You'll Want to Get Your Hand On

Func breaks new ground with the launch of its MS-3 gaming mouse. By Admin

From the folks who brought us the sUrface 1030 mouse pad comes a very cool ergonomic mouse that you will be proud to have sit alongside your machine.

According to the press release received by our editorial team, the folks at Func break new ground by introducing their gaming mouse, which features 10 fully programmable buttons. With a clean black rubber coated body, a sophisticated and detailed ergonomic design, and multiple setting capabilities, the Func MS-3 delivers a tool suitable for hours and hours of gaming.

The Func MS-3 is equipped with an accurate and reliable Avago 9500 laser sensor offering adjustable lift off distance, an instant dpi step switch, excellent tracking capabilities, and a configurable report rate. The onboard memory holds up to three fully programmable profiles as well as recorded macros. Each button has its specific designed mechanical switch with individually adjusted pressure force.

A discrete LED indicator sits right under the notch over the thumb buttons, telling you which profile and dpi step is active. The LEDs can be customized or turned off to match up with your other computer equipment.

“We anatomically studied the hand to create a deeper understanding of how we can develop an ergonomic shape to keep your hand strain and stress-free while optimizing the button positioning. The MS-3 is indeed equipped with many buttons but they can all be reached without taking your eyes off the screen. We evaluated and re-worked the mouse several times before we were satisfied with the shape and button positioning but I have to admit that the result is fantastic. Another important piece in this puzzle, which has been a focus for us, is quality.... The MS-3 is equipped with the best components we could get our hands on to meet the requirement of a long product lifetime,” says Arvid Pålsson, the product developer responsible for the MS-3 project.

Product Information

Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse MSRP 79.95$

Available in February 2013