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Unitrends’ New DRaaS Offering Brings Recovery Assurance to Customers

New hybrid cloud DRaaS offering enables live spin-up of physical and virtual environments within the same cloud for recovery of entire IT infrastructures. By ChannelPro

Unitrends has introduced a new hybrid cloud Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offering, which utilizes the company’s ReliableDR, Unitrends Enterprise Backup, and Unitrends Bridge technologies, and provides an automated business continuity solution that guarantees full recovery of entire IT infrastructures in the cloud within hours of a declared disaster.

The new hybrid cloud DRaaS offering enables customers to perform on-site backups with instant recovery of physical and virtual environments and then continuously replicate their data, systems, and applications to the cloud through Unitrends’ No Limits Cloud service. In the event of a disaster or catastrophic failure, live virtual machines and physical systems are spun up within the same cloud for complete recovery of entire IT infrastructures.

ReliableDR, Unitrends Enterprise Backup, and Unitrends Bridge, in combination with the hybrid cloud DRaaS offering, provide customers with Disaster Recovery Assurance service level agreement (SLA) guarantees, and allows them to spin up VMware virtual machines and provide complete disaster recovery testing, governance, and compliance. Customers are able to test recovery policies every day and quantify their recovery SLA requirements.

“We’ve combined several proven technologies into a unified and federated cloud offering,” says Mark Campbell, Unitrends’ chief strategy and technology officer. “Unitrends empowers customers with the ability to orchestrate recovery processes to meet application recovery point objectives, recovery time objectives and SLAs. The result is audit and compliance proof to meet regulatory and legal requirements, 100 percent Disaster Recovery Assurance, and peace of mind that mission-critical applications are protected and can be run from the cloud when needed.”

Unitrends’ new DRaaS offering includes:

  • Annual or monthly subscription rates
  • On-premise appliances ranging from 1 terabyte (TB) to 97 TB, or software virtual appliance options for instant recovery of physical and virtual machines
  • Unitrends’ archiving hardware and software capabilities
  • Installation and cloud seeding services
  • No Limits Cloud storage, which provides continuous replication in the cloud up to the limit of the physical appliance or virtual appliance tier
  • DRaaS “white glove” service, which assists customers through a disaster recovery event by helping them spin up infrastructure within hours to ensure business continuity
  • Disaster Recovery Assurance through Unitrends’ ReliableDR product for disaster recover testing, governance and compliance (available for an additional fee)
  • 24x7, Platinum Support
  • Next business day shipment of replacement in the event of a hardware failure
  • Trade-in policy to upgrade to higher storage tiers and appliance replacements

Pricing for Unitrends’ No Limits Cloud and DRaaS offerings range from 18 cents per gigabyte (GB) per month to 32 cents per GB per month. Unitrends’ hybrid cloud DRaaS offering includes a local appliance, all necessary services, and the ability to replicate and spin up virtual machines in the cloud. Customers can add additional virtual machines for a fee. Disaster Recovery Assurance services through ReliableDR are available for $50 per virtual machine per GB per month.

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