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ROCCAT's New App Turns Smartphones into PC Controls

Power-Grid app allows users to control PC and games from their smartphone. By ChannelPro

ROCCAT's Power-Grid app allows users to connect, monitor, and control their game and computer in real-time directly from an Android or iOS smartphone. There are four control displays or "grids" at play with the first three preloaded with essential gaming tools, while the fourth one is customizable. The three grids include the "Incoming Center", "Stats Control," and "Sound Control."

Incoming Center
Incoming Center routes all outside voice and text communication - including Skype, Facebook, Twitter, or TeamSpeak -- to users' smartphone for viewing. With this feature, gamers can continue to play without their PC disturbing them with updates.

Stats Control and Sound Control
Stats Control allows gamers to view their PC's vital data - such as CPU load, hard drive space and network traffic - all from their smartphone. The third preloaded grid is Sound Control, which lets gamers set and adjust all aspects of their gaming audio from their smartphone. Gamers can tweak audio settings in Skype to provide in-game music or with their media player together, or independently.

Build and Share
With the fourth control display, users can create a grid. They can pick from a library of existing controls or design new ones, then share with friends.

Power-Grid Launcher
Roccat also offers the Power-Grid Launcher. This program connects users' smartphone and computer, but doubles as an editor that lets players create their own custom control icons, similar to macro buttons, for the "ultimate in command customization."

The Roccat Power-Grid can be downloaded for free. For more information, visit