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Fujitsu fi-6220C scanner and Windows 7 64bit

Fujitsu fi-6220C scanner

The driver was listed only as supporting Vista.

Would not be ‘seen’ as a scanner on Windows 7.

I was thinking dang, I’m going to have to buy a portable scanner just for this one off field job.

Found this –

$29 and the scanner driver in it works perfectly on a Windows 7 x64 laptop.

If at first the vendor says to upgrade, try looking around for options.

Tracking the post release issues

This has not been a good week in patching and updating.

The biggest patching mess was KB3004394 that was a root certificate update that had such odd side effects ranging from causing machines to fail WGA to applications not launching.   While Microsoft released an update to remove KB3004394 but I’m still scratching my head how this update got released in the first place.

Bulletin or KB KB numbers

Microsoft support cases for ITpros now $499

So apparently on 12/1 the price for the IT pro support cases increased from $249 to $499.

Wow.  Mind you this is not after hours support, this is the price for a support case.

Microsoft Professional Support

Missing migration info if you are going to SBS 2011

Event ID 5015:

If you migrate to SBS 2011 from SBS 2008 you will find a leftover event alert:

Apparently we now have third Tuesday patching day

Out today is

1. a rerelease of MS14-066 to Server 2012 and Server 2008 R2 to fix a cipher problem that was causing performance issues with Access/SQL, problems with Amazon load balancers.

2. and out of band patch for Kerberos – critical to domain controllers and especially 2008R2 and lower.  Attacker would have to have credentials on the domain first in order to exploit and gain admin rights.

So do you use RWA in your small business networks

Just an unofficial survey for myself.

Is RWW or RWA as important these days?  Or do you use RDgateway/RDP with RDS cals to provide anywhere access to your SMB networks?

Or is it via VPN?

What’s the process that you make sure that your clients can remotely access their network at any time?

Or are they all in the cloud already and don’t need access to an on premises server?

HyperV and Broadcoms

Okay so it all started with a new server.  One that I want to use as a test, so I’m putting an exact copy of my real server on it in order to do this test.  But obviously it cannot be on the same IP range as the real server.  So no problem, I’ll put in a virtual router in order to do this.  So I put in a Sophos virtual router in order to facilitate this.

Getting ready to do a dry run of my migration

And figured that it was also a good time to double check that I could recover from my backups.  So I parked a backup onto an external usb drive that was attached to my new HyperV host.  I shared out the usb drive to “everyone” in order to get it from the domain over to a workgroup host (note to self this should be ‘unshared’ from this methodology in order to protect from cryptolocker later on).  I went across the network from my SBS box to the usb attached hard drive on the HyperV host (workgroup mode not domain ergo why I had to d

October patch status report – 10 days past release

Issues we are still tracking:

KB30000061 is a kernel update:

KB3000061 fails to install on Server 2012:   Also impacting Windows 8.

Got a few hours to watch some videos?

Lots of great videos here on this page:

Derbycon 2014 Videos (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos):

I highly recommend spending a few hours looking around the videos here!




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