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Good nuggets from the Veeam community forum digest

Somehow I signed up for the Veeam community forum digest which has some really good nuggets lately...

like ...



I'm starting a social campaign.  I don't live in Canada.  I live in the USA.  I gave Microsoft permission to email me.  I don't buy this bit that it's due to an Canadian spam email law.

What I sent to Microsoft:

Many years ago there was a security researcher who said the following: 

"Don't lose sight of security. Security is a state of being,
 not a state of budget. He with the most firewalls still does
 not win. Put down that honeypot and keep up to date on
 your patches. Demand better security from vendors and
 hold them responsible. Use what you have, and make
 sure you know how to use it properly and effectively.

When you don't have a TPM chip

Built a computer for Dad that is a small ATX form factor.  Found out the motherboard didn't support a TPM chip.  Rats.

So right now testing out Symantec full drive encryption (no true crypt here).  Sophos firm encryption is a consideration for someone wanted to roll out cross platform encryption.

I personally have not found encryption to nail the CPU or show any impact on the machine.  Granted it does just a little bit during the initial encryption, but after that I'm not seeing a hit.

Amy announced today....

Third Tier Brain Explosion registration is open! Sept 7-8

Office 2013 June 2014 update -affecting Click-to-Run users

Office 365 Billing FAQ for Partners

So is Windows 8.1 a good consumer platform?

I just had to do a refresh of my Dell 8.1 XPS 10 and it rolled back to pre KB2919355 and I had to reinstall that update again.

RT will take the refresh of the machine back to the base of 8.1 after the store update.

8 Pro's refresh takes it back to how the machine was shipped.  If your OEM shipped that machine with Windows 8, after refreshing it, you'll roll all the way back to Windows 8 and you'll have to go through the store process and then 2919355 again.

Cryptolocker on Android


Cryptolocker is now showing up on phones.  

The best patching tool is still the human brain.  Did you expect that email?  Is it wise to open that attachment?

The bad guys know we have a hard time patching the human.


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