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2014: How Will You Stand Out in the Marketplace?

Make this your best year ever by combining better messaging, Thought Leadership Marketing, and Business Guidance selling techniques.

Life Enrichment: Keeping Your Body and Mind Active

One big secret: Have fun-no matter what you do to strike a balance!

Sales Planning: Sales Leadership and Sales Execution

Create six-month salesperson plans and tie those to more tactical quarterly execution plans.

Life Enriched: Is Yours?

The more we work to positively impact the lives of others, the more our life will be blessed.

Client Advisory Boards vs. Business Advisory Boards

While client advisory boards are easier to develop and offer sales benefits, both serve to help companies with accountability.

Upgrade Your Life to Extraordinary

Author Rana Florida in her book profiles some key figures who are impacting our world today, and provides insights into how you can build an extraordinary life too.

Onboarding Salespeople

Think through and pay attention to the details of your onboarding process, and so will your sales team.

The Man Who Sold Hot Dogs

With all the talk of government shut down, economic challenges, and car bombs, I thought it would be a good idea to read this story.

Understanding the Value of Information

Sales data helps you learn more about your customer base as well as learn about new sales prospects and leads to nurture. The key is to be smart when acquiring it.

Exceeding your Summer Quotas

Specific tactics to deploy immediately to boost sales during the typical summer slow time.


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