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Survey! Tell Us About Your RMM Tools

On my SMB Roadshow, I have a section where we talk about the tools you might use to deliver and manage "managed services" and "cloud services." Obviously, a remote monitoring tool is central to that.

I thought it would be useful to find out what YOU are using for remote monitoring and patch management. Please fill out this quick form. If you choose to enter your email, I'll make sure you get the final results.

Some fields are required, but not your email address.

Please fill out the form - and send a link to your I.T. friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, ASCII, etc. The more responses we get, the better!

Survey closes at end of day May 31st, 2017.

NOT sponsored by a vendor.

Remember: I promise to never sell, loan, or rent your email address to anyone for any reason.

- Karl P.

Tell Us About Your Remote Monitoring Tool!

This survey is closed.

Results are blogged here: RMM Survey Results

And Results Part 2 is here: RMM Survey Results Part 2

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