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More Sales/Less Time

I am not sure how some people do it? Jill Konrath has written three other sales related books and now she hits the mark again with "More Sales/Less Time" published by Penguin books.

This book sets a different tone from her past books, "Selling to Big Companies," "SNAP Selling." and "Agile Selling." In this book, Jill shares a highly personal story, sharing a lot of research that ends up providing every executive, sales manager, and certainly all salespeople a formula to increase productivity. Her findings and action plans are a fresh approach to managing a salesperson’s business and personal life by creating a more productive time management plan. In the end, time is everyone’s most valuable asset.

What you will enjoy about this book is Jill created a story about her own professional sales life, with pipeline challenges, client work and worldwide travel challenges, plus including her active personal life. Everyone will relate to her realization that “things" had gotten out of control. Everyone in sales will buy into her story, her attempts to increase productivity, her failures, this makes her “result” all the more real. The other strong aspect of this book is the ton of research Jill had done along with many one-on-one interviews, that bring credibility and reinforces her thinking. (Jill has a complete appendix of available resources for you too…)

So what’s the meat in this book? In my opinion, it is the essence first that in today’s crazy busy sales world, there are many distractions (CRM/Social Media/Internet, sales calls….) that eat into a salesperson’s key resource –TIME. Jill takes you through her pathway of exploring various ideas, tools, and even gamification to attempt to find her method to increase her productivity and time management. I turned over the corners of 18 pages where I found major tips, new concepts and key points in her book. You will find yourself nodding your head and say, great idea!

What you will gain by buying this book is a process to create a new time saving methodology for you! A personal plan that will:

  • Recover Lost Time
  • Learn to Get More Done
  • Make it Easier
  • Accelerate Sales

Those are just a few of the major sections of Jill’s book. The chapters I found most enlightening were Part 4, where Jill becomes "The Time Master." Her Time Master Manifesto should be hung on every sales room wall!  It’s worth the investment of the book. Let me give you a hint: The Time Master becomes her avatar that possesses a deep knowledge and magical capabilities-like a wizard-a hero! 

Part 5 “Add the Secret Sauce” links everything together. 

HINT: If you are a sales manager, Appendix 1 is for you: Leading a Highly Productive Sales Team

It’s a fun read with a lot of worthwhile content. If you are a sales leader, buy this book for every salesperson and run an Acumen Book Club-assign each of the 7 sections to a salesperson and then each week in your sales meetings, discuss the contents of that section with your entire team. Then follow up to ensure your team is working on Jill’s key points-I think you will be amazed at the increase in productivity. 

Find it on Amazon, go to: -- a great site for content.

Let me know your thoughts!

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Ken’s latest book is “Leading High Performance Sales Teams.” He provides keynotes, consulting services, and products designed to improve business performance. Reach him at

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