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White Box All-In-One PCs: An Untapped Opportunity

All-In-One PCs are today's hottest desktop form factor and are projected to see 23 percent sales growth By Admin

If you sell hardware, you know all about All-In-One PCs. They're today's hottest desktop form factor and are projected to see 23 percent sales growth, according to IDC.
But how much do you know about white box AIOs based on the Intel Thin Mini-ITX All-In-One PC platform? If the answer is “not much” you're missing out on an unparalleled opportunity to grow revenue, boost margins, and increase customer satisfaction.

h3. *The Intel Thin Mini-ITX Platform*

Why build your white box AIOs on chassis, motherboards, CPUs, solid-state hard drives, and other components designed for the Intel Thin Mini-ITX All-In-One PC platform?
• They're standards-based, for faster and easier assembly.
• They deliver the superb quality and reliability you expect from Intel.
• They support sleek form factors like the cool new chassis from LG (pictured below) and other great models from manufacturers like ECS, Gigabyte, Loop, MiTac, Shuttle, Wibtek, and more.
• They're in stock and available for fast delivery from leading distributors.

h3. *Why SMBs Love All-In-One PCs*

• They have just one cable, so there's less clutter
• One cable makes for simple, plug-and-play setup
• There's no separate case, so they save space
• Intel Core processors ensure strong performance
• They're available in an ever-growing range of stylish designs
• New touchscreen AIOs are a perfect fit for Microsoft Windows 8

h3. *Six Ways to Win With White Box AIOs*

1) Revitalize desktop sales: Are your customers stubbornly clinging to outdated PCs? White box AIOs are the compelling offer you need to inspire an upgrade.

2) Sell customized form factors: White box AIOs give you the flexibility to create tailor-made solutions for doctor's offices, classrooms, digital signage systems, and more.

3) Earn higher margins: White box AIOs give you greater control over margin opportunities.

4) Collect extra revenue: Make even more money by selling peripherals and service contracts along with your AIO hardware.

5) Build stronger brand loyalty: 40 percent of repeat AIO users buy from the same brand, according to analysts at NPD Group. Make that your brand.

6) Improve customer satisfaction: You can repair white box AIOs locally with standards-based components. Shorter waits mean happier clients!