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What’s Up This Week: May 8th to May 12th

Microsoft, Dell EMC, and Kaseya conferences, financial news from NVIDIA and Symantec, and birthday celebrations for the man who almost but didn’t quite make his first billion in record time are all up ahead for the SMB channel this week.

By Rich Freeman

Product updates from Microsoft and Kaseya, earnings updates from NVIDIA and Symantec, and a big day for mothers generally and Mark Zuckerberg specifically are coming up for the SMB channel this week.

See our industry events calendar for a look at what’s up this year.

Andy GrammerMonday, May 8th

  • Dell EMC World kicks off (and be prepared to read these words a few more times) in Las Vegas. It runs through Thursday.

Reader ROI: This will be the first edition of the conference formerly known as EMC World since the company formerly known as EMC became Dell EMC, in the wake of its epic acquisition by the company now known as Dell Technologies. This isn’t specifically an event for partners, but there will probably be at least a little time devoted to the partner program Dell EMC rolled out in February just the same. Gwen Stefani and Andy Grammer (pictured) headline the customer appreciation event on Wednesday.

Reader ROI: And why should you care? Well, at least one analyst believes a) private clouds will produce more revenue than public ones by 2019, and b) OpenStack-related revenues will grow at a 35 percent CAGR through 2020 to $5 billion. Anyone looking to get in early on that gold rush will have no shortage of technical and business content to take in here.

Fred VoccolaTuesday, May 9th

Reader ROI: We know the managed services software mainstay will be unveiling a new partner portal of some kind with built-in analytics capabilities this week, because Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola (pictured) told us so back in January. What else they have in store is less clear, but don’t be surprised if some of it has to do with cloud management tools. Voccola also told us that building such systems—and buying vendors who make them—are top priorities for 2017.

IvantiReader ROI: Technical boot camps and other pre-conference activities have been happening since Saturday, actually, but today is when the first keynote takes place. Odds are good CEO Steve Daly

will devote some of his stage time to clarifying how the creation of Ivanti in January, following the merger of LANDESK and HEAT Software, will benefit its customers and partners, and what the future holds in store for the freshly hatched company.

  • Jensen HuangNVIDIA posts results for the first quarter of its 2018 fiscal year.

Reader ROI: The numbers will undoubtedly be pretty given that revenue was up 55 percent on a year-over-year basis the last time NVIDIA opened its books, and up 38 percent for its fiscal 2017 as a whole. We fully expect CEO Jensen Huang (pictured) to boast about those numbers a little during his keynote tomorrow at the company’s annual GPU Conference, and wonder what if anything he will say there or during today’s investor conference call about the company’s recent step into public cloud computing.

Wednesday, May 10th

Reader ROI: We trust Microsoft will devote plenty of time at its annual developer show to strategic topics like artificial intelligence, but suspect the big news out of this year’s Build will concern Redstone 3 and Project NEON. The former is a new edition of Windows expected to ship later this year and the latter is the new Windows UI design language expected to ship with it. Indeed, alert Microsoft watchers have already spotted loud hints that updates on Redstone and NEON are on the way. Less likely to be discussed is Microsoft’s master plan for getting the vast army of Windows 7 huggers among within its customer base to adopt the new OS.

  • Symantec LifeLockSymantec reports its latest quarterly earnings.

Reader ROI: The security big shot, which recently expanded its partnership with distributors Ingram Micro and Westcon-Comstor, recorded a 15 percent uptick in revenues in its last fiscal update, which arrived just 8 days before its purchase of LifeLock closed. We’ll see today how far the company has progressed towards integrating the identity theft protection vendor into its product portfolio and market strategy.

Friday, May 12th

  • Mark ZuckerbergIt’s (almost) Mark Zuckerberg’s birthday!

Reader ROI: The Facebook founder, chairman, and CEO turns 33 on Sunday, which also happens to be Mother’s Day. Mom, for those of you still in search of a gift idea, wants flowers or a break from making dinner. Harder to say what would make a good gift for Zuckerberg, who’s worth $62.8 billion reportedly and can afford to buy pretty much anything he wants.

It took Zuckerberg 4 years to make the first of those billions, by the way, which is a significantly shorter time than Sergey Brin and Larry Page of Google (8 years) and Bill Gates (12 years) required to make their first billion, yet more time than the founders of eBay, Groupon, Global Crossing, and Priceline. We’d call him a slow poke but don’t want to rile a man who knows way more about us than we do about him.

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